Living with Thinning Hair?
If the nest of hair in your shower drain leaves you in a panic,
there’s good news—a patented ingredient is clinically shown to
reduce excess hair thinning by a stunning 47% in 90 days.  
As you agonize over the increasing number of fallen strands on your clothes, your pillow and the floor, you can no longer ignore your thinning hair and widening part.

You’re aware of the many reasons why it’s happening: Coloring and heat styling. Aging and genetics. Stress and dietary deficiencies.

More than 50% of women experience noticeable hair thinning as they age.* Yet you may feel embarrassed and alone. At least I have good health, you try to reason. But what you crave more than anything is to have fuller, thicker hair again and the confidence you used to have!

Over your lifetime, hair cycles through 3 phases: growing (anagen), transition (catagen) and resting (telogen).

The problem is when this delicate process gets turned upside down… the growth period gets shorter and the resting phase goes into overdrive, during which hair is excessively shed.

Also, the growth phase itself may become compromised, which hinders hair’s ability to grow and mature.    

For lush, full and healthy tresses, your hair goal should be to maximize anagen – the active growing phase.

No matter what’s behind your excess shedding, you CAN support the building blocks your hair needs to grow thicker, stronger and fuller – from root to ends!

How Hair Grows

The Structural Protein &
Nutrients Healthy Hair Can’t Live Without
The long, beautiful hair you love to style starts deep within the follicles in your scalp, where systems are hard at work to nourish a healthy scalp environment and turn amino acids, vitamins and minerals into keratin – the protein “bricks” that form strong roots and thick, shiny hair.

You have roughly 100,000 hair follicles on your head… and each one needs to feed on specific nutrients that foster healthy follicles and a healthy hair growth cycle. You’ve probably heard of a few of them, such as the ever-popular beauty vitamin, biotin. This is just one in a team of nutrients that work together to promote fullness and shine that can make a big difference.

But when your scalp, follicles and keratin production are under attack, it’s time to call in serious reinforcement. To reactivate healthy hair growth and help restore volume, consider adding these vital nutrients into your daily diet.


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Top Nutrients for Activating Hair Growth
#1: Keratin – The Beautiful Hair Protein That’s Hard to Find 
You’ve probably heard about salon keratin treatments or seen keratin-fortified shampoos and conditioners. Keratin is a tough and elastic protein that forms a protective barrier around hair strands and makes up about 90% of hair’s health and structure. Comprised of amino acid chains, keratin is naturally synthesized when the body breaks down protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs.
But aging (among many other factors) can cause keratin production to drop as your body struggles to break down dietary protein into usable parts. And don’t rely on direct food sources of keratin, because they don’t exist. It’s so insoluble that the body can’t absorb and use it directly.

How keratin supplements rescue hair: There’s a groundbreaking keratin ingredient that has been clinically shown to be a “shortcut” to hair growth. It’s called Cynatine HNS® and it’s a patented form of soluble keratin that delivers measurable results: it can reduce hair shedding by 17% in just 30 days!

And because patience is a virtue that leads to stunning tresses, you can see a 47% DECREASE in excess hair shedding in 90 days!* The human studies also revealed improvements in the actual growth cycle at Day 90 – hair grew at a healthy rate without speeding toward the “falling out” phase.

#2: B-vitamins – The Family of Healthy Hair Boosters
B-vitamins are popular, water-soluble hair nutrients that support healthy red blood cells. They promote healthy tresses by carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells, including to the scalp and follicles, without which hair cannot grow.

Biotin is the most recognizable of the Bs and it plays an essential role of forming the building blocks of healthy hair. It actually helps to stimulate keratin production and support future hair growth. In fact, many studies link biotin deficiencies with hair thinning.* While biotin steals the show, there are others that are beautiful hair must-haves, such as niacin, B6 and pantothenic acid.

How B-vitamins rescue hair: Biotin, niacin (b3), B6 and pantothenic acid (B5) support thicker, fuller hair growth by boosting blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. They quite literally breathe life and energy into the cells that support strong hair growth, stimulating a healthy growing environment in the process.

If you blow dry or straighten your hair, or enjoy spending time under the sun, pantothenic acid also works to rebuild the hair shaft, helping to repair damage.  

#3: Zinc & Copper – The Glossy Hair Minerals
There are certain micronutrients that play key roles in the optimal function of many systems in the body, including hair health. And when it comes to having shiny, lustrous hair, zinc and copper are two minerals that do not disappoint.

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that aids cell division and growth. It’s also key in helping to keep oil glands around the hair follicle working properly, which is vital for hair’s luster and gloss.
Copper is a trace element that exists in small amounts and is needed to carry out a multitude of functions throughout the body. Specifically for hair, copper supports the pigmentation of hair strands. Without it, hair turns gray and brittle.

How zinc and copper rescues hair: Zinc helps to create a nurturing environment for hair to grow. In fact, zinc deficiency is associated with excess hair thinning.* It’s believed that zinc may act as a natural DHT blocker. This hormone is associated with pattern hair thinning in both women and men.

Copper is essential for giving your hair a rich, deep-toned color and helping to keep premature graying at bay.
#4: Antioxidants – Gets to the Root of Healthy Hair
You’ve heard how antioxidants are free radical slayers that fight aging throughout the body and help revitalize cells. Trans-resveratrol is one type of antioxidant found in red-purple plants that has the important job of fighting UV damage and protecting from pests and disease. It’s why we love red wine, grapes and dark chocolate, but the best source is the inedible shrub, Japanese knotweed.

Trans-resveratrol has been shown to have biological benefits in humans, too, including supporting production of structural proteins such as collagen and keratin.

How trans-resveratrol rescues hair:
These potent, butt-kicking compounds work at the cellular level of scalp tissue to battle the many threats that can lease to hair thinning, such as aging, pollution and damage from the sun’s UV rays and styling. Trans-resveratrol also optimizes follicles and roots to support a healthy hair growth cycle.


Better Absorption = More Benefits
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Enjoy Thicker, Fuller Hair
and 47% LESS SHEDDING with Keratin Enrich
If you’re living with thinning hair, activate your hair growth cycle with the nutrition it craves. Keratin Enrich is our high-absorption formula that’s expertly designed to support healthy hair growth, body and shine. Just imagine styling your fuller, more voluminous head of hair the way you used to do!  

Keratin Enrich helps restore optimal cellular function from follicle to root to ends:
  • Helps reduce excess hair shedding by 47% in 90 days (and 17% in just 30 days)
  • Supports a healthy anagen “growth” cycle
  • Restores luster and gloss to hair strands
  • Promotes stronger, longer tresses
Every serving of Keratin Enrich delivers 500 mg of patented keratin, Cynatine HNS® – the clinically researched serving shown to reduce hair thinning by almost HALF!  

But that’s not all… it also features ALL the hair beautifying nutrients mentioned above:
  • B-vitamins (biotin, niacin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid) to boost blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles
  • Zinc and copper to promote shiny, lustrous hair that’s rich with natural color
  • Trans-resveratrol antioxidants to protect the scalp from aging, pollution, UV rays and damage from styling
All of these ingredients are powerful allies against hair thinning. But they’re only as effective as your body’s ability to absorb them. That’s why our expert formulators enhanced Keratin Enrich with Bioperine®, a naturally purified black pepper extract that significantly boosts absorption by 30%!

And incredibly, you get it all with just 2 soft-caps a day with NO unnecessary fillers, colors or preservatives.

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This collection of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants work together but in different ways to support the health and function of hair growth, starting at the cellular level. 
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Premium Keratin: 500MG of soluble Keratin to promote hair growth, hair strength and hair retention
3000mcg of Biotin to promote Keratin production
Mineral Support – with zinc and copper, two crucial minerals involved in supporting hair and nail vigor.
Bioavailable – solubilized and enhanced with black pepper extract for quick bioavailability.
Easy To Take – 2 veggie capsules per serving.


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