Are Toxins Making You Sick?

The amount of harmful chemicals and carcinogens in the body is staggering—the size of a credit card—according to experts. But a powerful “toxin magnet” can cut through the buildup and boost your age-fighting defenses by 30%.

There’s no debate that traces of environmental toxins are persistent in the air, food supply, drinking water and everyday products. No matter how clean your diet and lifestyle may be, you regularly and unwittingly invite chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants into your home and into your cells.

The amount of microplastics alone that can be found in the human body is alarming—one study estimates we swallow a massive 5 grams of plastic fragments every week…

The equivalent of swallowing a credit card-size worth of plastic every week!

Then there are the toxins generated organically within you, such as those released into your bloodstream when you lose weight. Or as a result of basic cell division and repair. And even through natural aging.

No matter the source of toxins, they must be swept away and recycled.

But it’s not toxins themselves you should fear… it’s the ACCUMULATION.

Because when they pile up, they can disrupt your good health and create a world of chaos through inflammation and by triggering accelerated cell aging.

The toxic buildup can interfere with your metabolism and ability to lose weight. It can disrupt the balance of blood sugar levels. And it can lead to cognitive decline and heart issues. 

How Toxins Harm

This Natural “Toxin Trapper” is Used in Hospitals (and is Sold Over the Counter)
You don’t have to accept toxins and premature aging as fate. Because there’s a prominent nutrient your body makes that can help flush away toxins and support your best health, called N-Acetyl Cysteine, or NAC.

As nutrient star power goes, NAC is a potent amino acid that’s got it all:
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) lists it in its Model List of Essential Medicines.*
  • Hospitals use it to treat toxicity overload from acetaminophen, a common everyday pain reliever.
  • It boosts levels of glutathione—the body’s “master antioxidant”—by an estimated 30%.*
NAC is also used for detoxing, blocking inflammation and supporting healthy breathing. With credentials of this caliber, it’s hard to imagine that an ordinary amino acid—a basic building block of protein and tissue—can be such a powerhouse.

Even more surprisingly is it’s available to everyone. In fact, you can buy NAC over the counter in supplement form.

While NAC has a multitude of benefits, here are three well-documented reasons to add NAC to your daily health routine—especially if you’re over 40.
Top 3 Health Benefits of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
#1: Rids the body of cell-damaging toxins

Sad but true—toxins run rampant in everything from the environment to everyday household items. And with over 80,000 chemicals produced and used in the U.S., you can bet you’re absorbing many of them.

Your body is equipped with a natural purification system that includes your liver, kidneys and other cleansing organs. Under normal circumstances, your detox system would do a fine job on its own.

But disaster can strike when the buildup of microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins exceeds your ability to keep up with the clean-up. This can adversely affect your health by depleting cells of free radical-fighting glutathione (more on this next).

As a result, the overload from a lifetime of accumulation can disrupt your hormones, metabolism, even your DNA.

How NAC helps: As the mother of detoxifiers, NAC is the antidote to a buildup of waste. It’s a toxin magnet that binds to harmful impurities and flushes them from the body, neutralizing the threat before it can overwhelm your natural detox process. In fact, a study shows that NAC has the power to counter the effects of environmental toxins.

Your liver and lungs directly benefit from NAC’s purifying prowess. These two vital detox organs are essential for maintaining optimal health as you age, and NAC helps support their optimal function.
#2: Fights cellular rusting and early aging

Your cells are under assault 24/7 from both external and internal forces that can cause unruly, inflammatory free radicals to form. Like a robber in the night, free radicals steal energy from well-functioning cells, which causes oxidation—or rust—that can lead to long-term destruction.

To counter free radical damage and inflammation, cells produce their own antioxidant called glutathione. By antioxidant standards, glutathione is a heavyweight. Scientists call it the “master antioxidant”, because it regulates how all other antioxidants are used, such as vitamins C and E, and CoQ10. It’s made of amino acids and is so vital to good health that there’s a complex enzymatic process for ensuring it’s always in stock.

In your younger years, production of glutathione is high and efficient. But as you get older, production degrades as the important enzyme, cysteine, loses its capacity to keep up with your body’s needs. Cysteine is an amino acid building block and precursor to glutathione.

When this occurs, you can actually AGE FASTER. One report indicates that glutathione levels in adults over 45 may have already decreased by an alarming 50%! Worse yet is that the steady decline continues unless you do something about it.

How NAC helps: As a replica of cysteine, NAC mimics its effects and nudges the body to boost glutathione production.  

Your body can synthesize many amino acids on its own. But cysteine is considered a ‘conditionally essential amino acid’ that you produce only in limited amounts, which is why NAC supplementation is critical as you age. In women over 60, high glutathione levels are linked to “excellent physical and mental health”, according to studies.
#3: Supports Respiratory Health
Healthy lung function is central to enjoying everyday quality of life. But, like the liver and other detox organs, lungs don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.

As your body’s first line of defense against pollutants that filters the air you breath, lungs are vulnerable to environmental toxins and free radical inflammation. Over time, this can deliver a crushing blow to your respiratory system.

In fact, many adults with certain lung conditions experience long-term free radical damage and inflammation of lung tissue, which affects airways and breathing.

How NAC helps: NAC supplements have been shown to support healthy lung function. It’s so powerful it can even reduce lung function decline in individuals with certain lung issues.* NAC also supports normal function of mucous membranes in the lungs, which can become inflamed and interfere with airflow.
And if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’ll be thrilled to discover that NAC can help minimize the symptoms, such as congestion.

You may think that a mega dose of NAC is required to produce benefits like this. Remarkably, researchers involved with a one-year study found that 600 mg twice a day is all it takes.
Effectiveness = Absorption
To get the potency, absorption and health-enhancing benefits you deserve, trust Body Kitchen™. We’re the edible wellness company that believes in fortifying the body with high-potency, whole food nutrition. To ensure you get only the best, we control every step of the process… from making the ingredients to formulation to airtight packaging.

Body Kitchen combines powerful food-grade ingredients with advanced nutritional technologies. We take a holistic, modern day approach to nutrition and wellness.

Driven by the bright minds of our nutritional experts and cell biologists, Body Kitchen created a synergistic NAC formula that helps your body expel free radicals, fight premature aging and help you achieve your best health no matter what your age.
Flush Out Toxins & Combat Aging with High-Absorption Mega NAC + Quercetin
If you’re over 40, keeping your glutathione levels high should be your #1 priority. Our Mega NAC + Quercetin is expertly designed for optimal absorption and strength to kick-start the enzymatic process needed to produce glutathione.

Mega NAC + Quercetin helps restore optimal cellular function and slow down the pace of aging:
  • Boost glutathione levels, the “master antioxidant”, by about 30%
  • Helps improve your body’s ability to process and eliminate toxins

  • Promotes optimal liver and lung function

  • Supports a healthy respiratory system
Every serving of Mega NAC + Quercetin delivers a full 600 mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine… the exact dose shown to work in clinical studies.

Plus, our popular NAC formula is paired with TWO more powerful ingredients for optimal potency and absorption.

Quercetin—a potent antioxidant in its own right—is responsible for the hue of yellow fruit and vegetables, as well as onions and kale. Studies show quercetin supports a healthy response to inflammation and can boost the immune system. And proprietary Bioperine® is a naturally purified black pepper extract that significantly boosts absorption for improved benefits.
Why Mega NAC + Quercetin?
Potent 600 Mg Serving
This is the clinically researched daily serving of NAC shown to deliver optimal benefits. This NAC power boost helps the body trap toxins, resist aging and support respiratory health.  
Double Antioxidant Punch
Formulated with an additional 600 mg of quercetin, a powerful flavonoid shown to support the body’s response to inflammation, promote a healthy heart and support a strong immune system.
High Absorption
Features the proprietary ingredient, Bioperine®. Studies show this black pepper extract can enhance bioavailability of key ingredients by 30% for optimal absorption, usability and benefits.  


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