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Splurge and Save with 40% OFF Holiday Bundles for Skin, Hair and Immunity

The season of candy canes, festive trees and holiday cheer is here. There’s nothing more joyful this time of year than getting lost in the magic of it all!

And with so many holiday deals and once-a-year discounts available this month, it’s also the perfect time to splurge and save on the things you want and need right now  and after the colorful strings of lights are unplugged.

So, while you’re busy checking off wish lists and creating memorable moments for your loved ones, add one of our holiday bundles to your list to nourish you through the holidays and beyond.

Our top 3 pre-holiday bundles combine Body Kitchen products that were made for each other and offer the best savings on our most popular health and beauty formulas.  

Want immune system protection from people-packed rooms?

Do your skin and hair dry-out and lose luster during cold winter months?

Need to detox from weeks of indulgences and holiday libations?  

Here’s a trio of bundles to boost your beauty, immune system and antioxidant advantage all season long… plus, they’re all 40% OFF right now!

1. Top Sellers Bundle: best for detoxing and rebooting the body

    Our Top Sellers Bundle includes Body Kitchen’s two most popular formulas for way less than you would pay any other time of year.

    It’s the nutritional combo you need to fortify your whole body and immune system, and counter the free radicals that stress, sugar, late nights and alcohol create.

    • Youthful Beauty Advanced is our flagship collagen powder that combines 10 grams of grass-fed and marine collagen with collagen-protecting resveratrol and hydrating hyaluronic acid into a fast-dissolve mix. Plus, it’s a complete protein with the amino acids you need to support skin radiance, hair growth, joint health and lean muscle mass.
    • Mega NAC is our powerful “toxin trapper” that supports the body’s natural cleansing process. It supports liver and lung function, respiratory health and immune system health. Our unique formula combines N-acetyl cysteine and with quercetin, a potent plant pigment, and black pepper extract for optimal absorption.

    Regular price: $54.90 Holiday price: $32.95

    2. Ultimate Beauty Bundle: best for wrinkles and lost elasticity

    It’s called the Ultimate Beauty Bundle for a reason… because it combines potent levels of elastin and collagen peptides to strengthen and tighten the elastic fibers and structural foundation that support healthy, youthful skin.

    With the highest content of elastin of any skincare supplement, and a popular, high-quality collagen powder that has stood the test of time, this bundle is a steal at 40% off the regular price!

    • Pro-Elastin provides advanced support to aging skin with a proprietary marine ingredient shown to enhance elasticity, smooth-out lines and wrinkles, and reinforce skin’s spring-like fibers. Our formula delivers the highest level of elastin peptides found in any skincare supplement.
    • Youthful Beauty Advanced has been featured on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray and Shape Magazine for its cutting-edge approach to skin rejuvenation. Revive your skin with 10 grams of grass-fed and marine collagen to support firmness, resveratrol antioxidants to fight wrinkle formation, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

    Regular price: $74.90 Holiday price: $44.95

    3. Complete Skin & Hair Bundle: best for glowy skin and hair growth

    Complete Skin & Hair Bundle can do wonders for your appearance from within by supplying the three structural proteins that support healthy skin, hair and nails: elastin, collagen and keratin.

    Get what you need to glow this season and beyond… and save 40%!

    • Collagen + Elastin is the luxurious skincare you drink. It’s the only formula that combines patented, grass-fed collagen clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, with the highest levels of marine elastin found in an easy-to-mix powder. Also includes moisture-locking hyaluronic acid for a healthy, dewy complexion.   
    • Keratin Enrich delivers high-quality keratin peptides clinically shown to increase hair growth and minimize excess shedding. It also packs B-vitamins including biotin, essential minerals and resveratrol to nourish scalp tissue. Formulated with black pepper extract to increase absorption.
    Regular price: $32.95 Holiday price: $54.90


    Snag your favorite duo now before they’re gone… because these holiday discounts will have you stuffing your stocking and wallet with big savings! 

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