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Summer Watermelon Collagen Smoothie Recipe

SummerMelon Smoothie


  • Watermleon chunks (2 cups)
  • Mixed berries of your choice (1 cup)
  • Honey (1 tbsp)
  • Coconut water or coconut milk (1/2 cup) – use coconut water if you’re feeling light and thirsty. Use coconut milk for a creamier and fuller delicious experience
  • Body Kitchen’s Youthful Beauty Powder (1 scoop)
  • Add ice as desired


  • Vanilla extract (1/2 tsp) – for extra flavor and softness
  • Chia seeds (1 tsp)
  • Ground flax seeds (1 tsp)


  1. Add ingredients to high-speed blender, blend until smooth, enjoy!


Watermelon: watermelon contains only 6% sugar and 92% water, ideal for rehydrating during hot summers. Watermelon extract can often be found in beauty-enhancing products such as shower gels, lip glosses, and even some topical creams due to its hydrating properties. It contains a number of important nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6 and C. Watermelon is also packed with lycopene (which gives it a bright color) and amino acids. The combination of all these nutrients support healthy skin while contributing to a strong a steady immune system.

Berries: it is no secret that berries are an excellent choice when it comes to a youthful appearance. Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc) are packed with powerful antioxidants that have the capacity to fight free radicals – beauty’s biggest enemy. Free radicals, when unattended, can quickly harm skin-cells that result in unwanted visuals such as dry and/or saggy skin. Berries are a ticket to young looking skin!

Coconut water/milk: coconut water is highly beneficial for different reasons. Not only supports strengthening the immune system but it can also act as a skin toner. The amino-acid complex in coconut water can also do some magic on hair, leaving an extra shine and softness due to its hydration properties. Coconut water/milk are also great options for a post-workout smoothie as they aid in muscle recovery and lactic acid build-up.

Honey: famous for its exfoliating properties, honey can act as a “skin cleanser”. We often find honey being added to all sorts of beautifying-products. Honey has the ability to repair damaged cells and support the restoration of healthy-looking skin. Not to mention the extra natural energy boost that you may experience when adding this power-nutrient to your smoothie.

Youthful Beauty Powder: 10g of high-grade collagen protein. Body Kitchen’s collagen powder is an excellent choice to pack your smoothie with pure hydrolyzed-protein without altering the smoothie’s tasty flavor. Body Kitchen has developed a patented collagen that’s clinically proven to be 30X more effective than any conventional collagen. 10g of this miracle-protein will nourish your body from skin to joints as well as help you improve muscle-tone due to its highly concentrated peptides.

Collagen is one of those real workhorse supplements that’s great for just about every part of your body. It’s famous for keeping your skin supple and young-looking, but collagen has all kinds of other benefits too. Athletes and fitness fans take collagen to keep their joints in great shape. Others take collagen to improve their digestion and gut health, while beauty-conscious collagen fans sweat by its ability to keep their nails strong and their hair lustrous.

Getting your daily dose of collage has never been easier with Body Kitchen’s Youthful Beauty Powder. This versatile unflavored collagen powder is perfect to mix in with your favorite drinks and recipes. Unlike inferior powdered collagen, Youthful Beauty collagen powder won’t change the texture of your food or alter the taste. It’s so convenient, too — just add a scoop of the powder to your food or drink to boost your collagen intake. Best of all, Body Kitchen’s collagen products are 30x more concentrated than conventional collagen and contains 20 per cent more dipeptides. Just one scoop of Youthful Beauty Powder adds 20 grams of additional collagen.

A refreshing smoothie is a great way to get the benefits of Youthful Beauty Powder. By combining our patented high-bioavailability powder with powerful nutrients, you can make sure you get the full effect. This delicious Summer Melon smoothie is the perfect way to enjoy your Youthful Beauty. With fresh, luscious watermelon, the antioxidant goodness of berries, the hydration-boosting electrolyte power of coconut water and a delicious antibacterial dash of honey, it will give you everything you need to recover from a workout or just set yourself up for the day. The powerful nutrients in these ingredients work in synergy with the collagen to support your immune system, strengthen active joints, and keep you looking as youthful and healthy on the outside as you feel inside.

Body Kitchen’s Youthful Beauty Powder is an outstanding collagen supplement. Because it’s a peptide formula, it’s easier for your body to absorb and use. The peptide concentration of 3,000ppm is far higher than average collagen powders. The high concentration of PO and OG peptides increases the bioabvailability of Youthful Beauty Powder, while the transparent sourcing gives you peace of mind. While other brands don’t tell you where your collagen came from, Body Kitchen is proud of our clean sources. We use only the best quality collagen from marine and grass-fed bovine sources, so you know you’re getting the best. Why settle for anything less?