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Vitamin C - Shield now with Liposomal C

  • Body Kitchen’s Vitamin C Shield is now improved with Liposomal C which protects you from day-to-day exposure to unfavorable factors that can harm the body and weaken the immune system*
  • Boost your immunity with 1,000mg of Vitamin C in one single serving. This powerful Vitamin C formula can also be used in combination with any of our collagen formulas for improved skin moisture results*
  • Vitamin C with Liposomal C has been clinically proven to have 120% improved absorption compared to other sources of vitamin C*
  • Non-GMO


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love the Liposomal C

Seems great and very easy to swallow

Denise Smyth
Vitamin C

I find this vit easy to swallow and no upset stomach. Love this will order again

Debbie Heaton
No junk fillers

You get much better absorbtion with Liposomal vitamins, and this is non GMO also. You are getting 3 pluses for your immunity in this vitamin because there are no added fillers either.

Yvonne Haslar

I like being able to get quality vitamins at an affordable price

Terri Moore

Vitamin C - Shield now with Liposomal C