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Total Brain

30-day happiness guarantee


This noise-canceling mix of Ayurvedic, nootropic and neuroprotective extracts helps you pay attention and find your flow so you can tackle daily tasks with ease.

  • Supports memory and processing
  • Boosts focus and concentration
  • Enhances creativity and productivity
  • Promotes a healthier brain and eyes
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Meet the brains behind this mind-sharpening formula: Synapsa® is a patented Bacopa monnieri extract backed by decades of research and 6 clinical studies. It promotes attention, thinking and learning with 320 mg daily—the effective amount shown to boost working memory 4 times more than placebo.* 

In Ayurveda, this powerful nootropic has been traditionally used to sharpen the mind and fight inflammatory activity that can slow down cells.* Feel the fog clear and your creativity flow.


Total Brain can help take you from foggy to focused with two more high quality, clinically studied, active fruit extracts to help you be productive, attentive and bring on the brilliance.


Take your ideas to a higher level with 100 mg of this patented whole fruit wonder, the daily amount shown to stimulate brain activity associated with learning and brain health by 143%.** High in neuroprotective polyphenols, it’s derived from premium Coffee arabica coffee cherries and shown to support brain activity that’s essential for learning and memory. 


Cognitive training in berry form, this innovative Aronia berry extract is highly concentrated with anthocyanins, powerful phytochemicals capable of energizing your brain and boosting your focus while also supporting your eyes. In just 6 weeks, it can boost hand-eye coordination with a 65 mg mini-dose.*

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