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4 Ways to Melt Away Fat and Lose More Weight This Summer

When the temperature outside soars so high you break into a sweat without a treadmill, it’s time to burn baby burn. There are many fascinating and scientifically proven reasons why summertime makes it easier for your body to lose weight and burn stored fat.

This time of year, it’s easier to follow healthy habits such as eating lighter fare that you may not typically crave during cold winter months, such as cool salads. According to University of Massachusetts and University of Georgia studies, daily caloric intake naturally decreases by about 200 calories during summer.

But it’s not only the reduction in calories that makes summer the season to slim down. Body chemistry changes in ways that affect your metabolism, digestion and motivation. And together, these changes can add up to pounds lost without extra effort.

If you’re actively trying to lose weight, here are 5 ways summer can give you a boost:

#1 Metabolism revs up

Your body’s ability to convert more calories into energy can increase during summer as it attempts to regulate body temperature. Biologically, metabolism actually increases when temperatures are cold by burning more calories to generate heat and turning more white adipose tissue (or fat) into brown adipose tissue, which creates more energy.

But an air-conditioned environment can trigger the same effect, especially overnight.* So make your bedroom extra cool to enjoy an indirect metabolism boost (plus a better night’s sleep.)    

#2 You feel fuller longer

The GI tract is very sensitive to changes of season and digestion reacts by becoming more sluggish, resulting in longer digestion and feeling of fullness. This is great if you’re trying to consume fewer calories. Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration and support healthy elimination.

Another way to stay fuller longer is to eat more protein, such as lean meat, fish, nuts, beans and eggs. Protein takes longer to break down. So you’ll control cravings and weight without losing lean muscle mass. Try a scoop of chocolate collagen protein powder whipped with icy cold vanilla almond milk or low-fat milk for a rich, summery treat.

#3 You crave fruit and greens

Summer may be the season of ice cream and other refreshing treats, but not all summertime cravings are loaded with sugar. You may find yourself loading up on seasonal fruits such as watermelon, berries, mangoes and peaches, and with their high water content they’re perfect ways to beat the heat. Plus, they’re high in fiber to help maintain smooth digestion.

Amazingly, there’s one rare fruit with spicy active compounds shown to support weight loss, insulin balance and metabolism. Called a “spice fruit”, you can only get it in West Africa—but you’ll find the extract in our unique weight control formula, Trimglo.   

#4 When temperatures climb, motivated to be active

Whether you prefer paddle-boarding on a lake or playing beach volleyball on the sand, you probably find you don’t have to push yourself to be active when the weather is right. Even vacations get a boost of calorie-burning activity as you take in the sights on foot or on bikes.

To support your lung health and help your body fight pollution, toxins and free radicals, give your respiratory system a boost with an NAC supplement.  It supports production of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant.

By end of summer, you may just find yourself pounds lighter!