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Best Supplements for Hair, Skin, Nails, and Joints

Because they work from the outside in, beauty products can only do so much to improve the appearance of your hair, nails, and skin. If you've hit the wall with your beauty regimen and are no longer seeing the results you desire, it's time to turn inwards. The right supplements for nails, hair, and skin could make all the difference.

About Beauty Supplements

Hair, skin, and nail supplement products work by supplying your body with nutrients that can be used to support healthy tissue. There are thousands available on the market today, making it difficult to know which are the best supplements for hair growth, healthy skin, and stronger nails. To simplify your search, focus on products that contain ingredients backed by scientific evidence. Collagen and keratin protein have been shown to provide tangible benefits for hair, nails, skin, and even joints.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It serves as a critical component of your skin and nails. In addition, collagen is found in connective tissue, such as the cartilage that insulates your joints and the tendons and ligaments that connect muscles and bones.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is another structural protein made by the human body. It acts as a strengthener for hair strands and nails.

Why Supplement Collagen and Keratin?

As you age, your body naturally produces less collagen and keratin. Research indicates that this is why you notice changes in the texture of your skin, the rate of hair growth, and the strength of nails when you get older. Taking a skin hair and nail supplement with collagen or keratin can help to increase your body's supply of these essential proteins.

Collagen Benefits for Hair

Collagen is beneficial in hair supplements because it:

  • Protects hair follicles. Studies show that collagen acts as a natural antioxidant by defending cells against damaging free radicals found in air pollution and ultraviolet energy. There is some evidence to suggest that by protecting the follicles, collagen may help to reduce hair loss.
  • Stimulates growth. When broken down into its building blocks called amino acids, collagen provides raw materials needed to produce new hair strands.

Benefits of Keratin for Hair

Keratin has been shown to offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced growth. Hair growth supplements often use keratin as a key ingredient. Because keratin is the main protein in hair strands, boosting your body's supply may help improve the efficiency of hair cell generation.
  • Less risk of damage. When your body has an ample supply of keratin, it can produce strong, healthy hair strands. More resilient strands are less likely to become damaged due to styling, heat, and chemical treatments.
  • Improved manageability. Weak hair strands are much more prone to frizz and flyaways. By promoting stronger hair, a keratin hair skin nails supplement can help to lower the likelihood of these hair care woes occurring.

Skin Care Benefits of Collagen Peptides

For skin, collagen supplements benefit:

  • Skin elasticity. Collagen serves as the support system for your facial and body skin. When production slows, tissue no longer has the support it needs. This leads to the development of sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. A collagen supplement for the skin helps to restore the vital support network. This may help to promote firmer, more youthful skin.
  • Hydration levels. Collagen is often used as a supplement for dry skin because the protein helps skin tissue retain moisture. Many supplements for dry skin pair collagen with hyaluronic acid, another natural substance that has been shown to bind moisture to cells.

Keratin & Collagen Supplements for Nails

Both keratin and collagen supplements support healthy nails. Collagen helps to nourish the nail beds where new nail cells are made, and keratin gives the body raw materials for cellular generation. Studies have shown that the proteins may support nail growth and increase the strength and resiliency of nails over time.

Collagen Supplements for Joint Pain

Collagen isn't just used for beauty purposes; experts also consider it to be one of the best joint supplement options available. Joint pain often occurs when cartilage becomes depleted or damaged. When you take joint supplements with collagen, you can help to support the production and repair of cartilage. This may help to diminish stiffness and aching associated with arthritis and other conditions.

A Simple Way to Take the Best Supplements for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Joints

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