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Collagen Benefits for Men – Collagen and Muscle Recovery

We hear a lot about the advantages of collagen supplements for women, but men can benefit significantly from collagen too. Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body, found in tissues from the circulatory system and bones to skin and even hair follicles.

Collagen is a complex protein. It’s made up of 19 different amino acids, which form chain-like molecular structures that coil into microscopic “springs.” This coiled structure gives collagen flexibility and resilience. Collagen is found abundantly throughout the body, providing pliability and strength to most tissues.

Collagen is produced naturally by the body from amino acids. Up until the age of about 25, there’s plenty of collagen available for strong muscles, flexible joints, and sturdy bones. Unfortunately, collagen production starts dropping off after 25. The decline is slow — only about one percent per year — but this loss of collagen has appreciable effects over time.

The most visible effect of declining collagen is in the skin, which becomes wrinkled and starts to sag. Depleted collagen also impacts the tissues you can’t see, weakening muscles, impairing circulation, and leaving joints less strong and flexible. The results include joint pain, impaired athletic performance, slower exercise recovery, and fewer gains from your exercise routine. In particular, lower collagen means slower muscle recovery after exercise. We can clearly experience these effects when the body lacks its most abundant protein.

To make collagen, the body needs a steady supply of the amino acids used to create the protein. The best way to provide your system with the building blocks of collagen is to consume collagen yourself. You can obtain collagen from your diet by eating collagen-rich foods like bony fish and bone broth but it’s hard to measure how much collagen you’re actually getting from these sources. To ensure an adequate supply of collagen and promote fast muscle recovery, it’s best to use a standardized and reputable supplement like Body Kitchen Hydrolyzed Protein Collagen.

In studies, male subjects who took collagen supplements found less joint pain, better athletic performance, stronger muscles, improved hair growth, and fewer signs of aging. Perhaps most exciting was the finding that the effects of declining collagen weren’t just slowed — they were reversed. Collagen peptides for men can have a marked impact on muscle recovery following exercise.

Taken regularly, collagen supplements can help improve connective tissue to promote:

  • More lean muscle
  • Firmer, smoother skin
  • Healthy hair and strong nails
  • Supple, sturdy joints
  • Stronger bones

Collagen for men can also help to support healthy weight and metabolism.

Even if you haven’t yet reached the age where your collagen might begin to decline, supplements can still be of value. By improving your collagen levels now, you can boost your current performance and also strengthen your system for the future. Collagen is still the most abundant protein in the human body regardless of how old you may be.

Body Kitchen Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

To be effective, a collagen supplement needs to be of high quality. Cheap, inferior collagen supplements often contain low levels of actual collagen, with the bulk made up of inactive fillers and other inexpensive ingredients.

Body Kitchen’s Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein contains all 19 amino acids — nine essential and ten non-essential — that make up collagen. Pure collagen from grass-fed sources is hydrolyzed — that is, subjected to a process that breaks down the collagen, so it’s easier for your body to absorb. Body Kitchen’s collagen protein powder contains significantly more pure and concentrated protein than many leading brands.

Besides high-quality protein for muscle growth and healthy connective tissue, Body Kitchen’s collagen powder also contains concentrated medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) derived from coconut oil. MCTs, provide a sense of satiation to prevent food cravings and give you an energy boost. There’s also delicious organic cocoa for a naturally satisfying chocolate taste.

Collagen for men works best as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Eat plenty of nutritious food, take regular exercise, stay hydrated, and avoid smoking.