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Diet and Nutritional Supplements for Longevity

In a world where so many are seeking a "magic pill" to grant eternal life, the search for longevity supplements that work makes perfect sense. Due to the arduous work of countless scientific researchers, the human quest for longevity has evolved from a fairy tale to a truly science-backed endeavor. From supplements that protect against aging skin to those that extend the lifespan of cells, you may opt to discover the most effective, evidence-based supplements that are thought to promote longevity. 

What Are the Core Pillars of a Longevity Lifestyle?

Even the most effective longevity supplements are significantly less effective when ingested on their own. Incorporating pillars of longevity into your daily habits is also essential to gain effectiveness.

Balanced Diet

The most advantageous diet for longevity is primarily plant-based, as diverse as possible, contains plenty of healthy fats (such as those found in olive oil and nuts), and is low in refined carbohydrates (i.e., processed carbohydrates and added sugar). In addition, a 2023 study by Harvard nutrition researchers found that an ideal longevity diet prioritizes whole grains, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, and unsaturated oils (e.g., olive, and sunflower oil). 

Regular Exercise

Exercising consistently may be one of the most impactful ways to enjoy a longer, more active life. This is true even of moderate physical activity, such as weightlifting and walking, not only high-intensity exercise such as running. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that everyone participates in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly.

Adequate Sleep

Since the body repairs damage during sleep, adequate sleep is essential for cellular repair and other routine bodily functions. Studies consistently demonstrate that good sleep is strongly associated with longevity.

Maintained Mental Health

Stress, especially chronic stress, is an enemy of longevity and has been shown to speed up the aging process. Struggling with mental illness may be a primary source of significant and long-term stress, which is why maintaining one's mental health is crucial for those pursuing longevity. 

Proactive and Preventative Healthcare

Detecting and mitigating health risks by receiving recommended preventative healthcare, such as regular screenings for cancer and high blood pressure, can contribute significantly to longevity and prolonged life expectancy.

What's the Difference Between Anti-Aging Supplements and Longevity Supplements?

For those searching for the best "anti-aging" supplements, it's important to note that "anti-aging" is quite a misleading descriptor, despite its widespread use in the supplement industry. Even the best longevity supplements cannot completely stop the aging process, let alone reverse it. For most life on Earth, aging is an inherent biological process that will proceed no matter what. 

It's more accurate to refer to "anti-aging supplements" as "longevity supplements," which may help maintain your health and vitality while reducing your risk of age-related illnesses as you age.

What Supplements Help with Longevity?

The following supplements are backed by scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness in promoting longevity:

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a form of cysteine, an amino acid, taken in supplement form. Cysteine is present in most high-protein foods, such as chicken, beef, fish, dairy products, beans, and nuts. 

Precursor to Powerful Antioxidants (Glutathione)

The benefits of NAC are thought to be numerous. These benefits center on NAC's role in the body's production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, which neutralizes the free radicals that create oxidative stress and damage cells over time. The body requires three amino acids to produce glutathione: NAC, glutamine, and glycine. Since taking an NAC supplement typically provides the body with the building blocks needed to produce glutathione, NAC supplement benefits can include helping to increase glutathione levels in the body. 


Urolithin-A is a substance produced by certain gut bacteria when they consume foods high in ellagitannins, which are polyphenols that are typically found in fruits and nuts such as pomegranates, strawberries, and almonds. Taking urolithin-A supplements may improve mitochondrial health.

Stimulates Mitophagy and May Extend Cell Lifespan

One of the most notable urolithin-A benefits is that it may stimulate mitophagy, which is the body's process of removing damaged or defective mitochondria. Dysfunctional mitochondria can be a sign of cellular aging, so by removing them from the cells and processing them back into the body, urolithin-A may also extend cell lifespan.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are small collagen-derived proteins that are relatively bioavailable (meaning they are accessible for the body to absorb). 

Protect Aging Skin and Tissues

Collagen peptides may be among the best supplements for aging skin. The body begins to produce less collagen as people reach their thirties, and supplementing with collagen peptides may help counteract the effects of this natural decreased collagen production. Thus, the benefits of collagen peptides may include improved skin, joint, and bone function/health.


Elastin is a protein that’s found in connective tissue that often contributes to the elasticity and resilience of the skin, blood vessels, and other organs. Elastin supplements are designed to support the body's natural elastin production and may promote skin elasticity, cardiovascular health, and tissue flexibility. 

Essential Micronutrients

The following micronutrients are the most essential vitamins for longevity support: 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is thought to neutralize free radicals, which can damage cells and contribute to aging. Vitamin C is also crucial for collagen synthesis and immune function.

Vitamin E

Similar to vitamin C, vitamin E is an antioxidant. Vitamin E supplementation may also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and Parkinson's disease. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has several essential functions, including regulating hormone levels, immune responses, and cardiovascular health. Although it is synthesized in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it may be worth supplementing with vitamin D since many people lack the regular sun exposure needed to synthesize enough vitamin D (especially in the winter). Research also suggests that vitamin D may increase life expectancy. 

Plant Flavonoids

Plant flavonoids are found in various fruits and vegetables and are thought to have anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties, in addition to helping to protect the heart and brain. Various flavonoids may have distinctive and specific health benefits.


Quercetin is a plant pigment and one of the most common antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, including onions and berries. Not only may quercetin help to counteract free radical-related tissue damage and thereby minimize chronic disease risk, but it also may have anti-inflammatory effects to reduce overactive inflammatory responses in the body.


Found in grapes, berries, red wine, and more, resveratrol is a polyphenol antioxidant that may increase longevity by activating enzymes called sirtuins. Early data on resveratrol's benefits for cardiovascular health and lifespan is promising, but more studies of its effects in humans are needed.

The Best Supplements for Longevity

Here are some of the best longevity supplements currently available on the market, which incorporate many of the potent compounds previously listed: 

Body Kitchen's Total Beauty Advanced

Body Kitchen's Total Beauty Advanced helps to support smoother skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails after just four weeks. It does so with the potent combination of OptiMSM® (which supports collagen production), Cynatine® HNS (solubilized keratin that increases hair and nail health), and Prolastin Elastin® (which activates elastin and antioxidant activity in the skin to improve skin elasticity). In addition to this trio of proprietary, clinically proven actives, Total Beauty Advanced also contains biotin, hyaluronic acid, and several additional vitamins and minerals, all of which may further support skin, hair, and nail health.

Body Kitchen's Pro-Elastin

Body Kitchen's Pro-Elastin is formulated to help the skin resist aging, utilizing a variety of mechanisms to do so: increasing the moisture content of the skin, neutralizing toxins, and free radicals, and activating renewal of collagen and elastin. Its vital ingredient is Prolastin®, which comes from pure, concentrated marine protein peptides and contains twenty-two amino acids that may boost skin elasticity and firmness.

Body Kitchen's Mega NAC + Quercetin

Body Kitchen's Mega NAC + Quercetin supports respiratory function and may help to modulate the body's inflammatory responses. While NAC is a precursor to the powerful antioxidant glutathione, quercetin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which may reduce oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic, overactive immune responses that can cause life-threatening illnesses. Mega NAC + Quercetin also includes black pepper extract, which has been clinically shown to improve overall nutrient absorption by 30 percent or more.

Body Kitchen's Youthful Beauty Advanced Powder

Body Kitchen's Youthful Beauty Advanced Powder combines collagen, hyaluronic acid, and resveratrol. While collagen is thought to increase skin elasticity and thereby reduce skin aging, resveratrol is an antioxidant that may support the body, as it helps repair aging-related skin breakdown. In addition, compared to other collagen protein powders, Body Kitchen's collagen powder has thirty times as many dipeptides, which are essential collagen peptides.

Before adding any supplements to your routine, speak with a physician to confirm that they are safe and appropriate for your unique medical situation.