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Now is The Time to Fortify Your Immune Health

You’ve probably heard about two new Covid-19 variants that are gaining momentum, the most dominant of which is quick-spreading EG.5. While it’s gaining traction, influencing many people to mask up in public once aging, scientists allay our concerns with news that it doesposes no more a threat than existing variants—at least for now.

The second variant, BA.2.86, is less widespread. However, it’s being closely tracked, because it carries many mutations and evades antibodies produced in response to earlier infections, which could make it resistant to vaccines.     

Covid-19, in its many forms, is as part of our “new normal” as wearing masks and working from home. But so is our increased understanding of, and appreciation for, our immune system and its role in helping to fight not just Covid-19, but other threats to familiar everyday threats to our respiratory system, such as the flu and common cold.

It won’t be long before the year’s “sick seasons” arrive – fall and winter – when viruses and microbes pose a greater risk, requiring greater vigilance from your natural defenses. And with school back in session and more people returning to the office, there’s no better time than now to bring in nutritional muscle to help protect your immune system.

We have made it easy for you to choose a powerful immune booster that’s fit for the job. Expertly developed by our innovation team, our 4 immune-boosting powerhouses combine the best of nature and science, working through different pathways to help improve your resistance to airborne threats.

Black Elderberry for Fewer “Sick Days”

Nordic-Elder Shield

Black elderberry (Sambuca nigra) has been traditionally used in herbal medicinal tonics and preparations for centuries. This beneficial berry has been traditionally used in herbal medicinal tonics and preparations for centuries.

While many varieties of elderberry exist, black elderberry is said to contain twice the levels of anthocyanins of any fruit – powerful pigmented molecules that fight inflammation and neutralize free radicals.

In recent times, research has explored the many ways that the extract from these dark-colored purple berries may work to support immune health, including the ability to stimulate the immune system and even neutralize threats directly.*

Our Nordic-Elder Shield is formulated with a highly concentrated extract from black elderberry extract that preserves the berry’s full spectrum of powerful molecules. Each daily dose serves up the equivalent of 27 grams of fresh berries… 8X more potent than black elderberry syrup.

Vitamin C Boosts Your Immune System’s Army

Vitamin C Shield

Vitamin C is touted as the go-to staple for fighting bugs and pathogens, and for good reason. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that doubles as a powerful, free radical-fighting antioxidant that enhances your immune response and overall health in multiple ways, including by enabling iron absorption. Iron is a key mineral needed to support the body’s first line of defense against harmful bugs and microbes.

To boost immune function, vitamin C works by aiding production of white blood cells to help strengthen your natural defenses. Also, studies indicate that vitamin C can help reduce the duration of colds by about one day… and every day counts when you’re not feeling well. Experts suggest 1,000 mg of vitamin C is an effective, therapeutic serving.

For optimal absorption and benefits, our Vitamin C Shield is a liposomal formula with 120% improved bioavailability compared to other sources of vitamin C. Plus, it delivers the suggested daily dose for serious immune system protection.

Fight “Winter Blues” While Promoting Immune Health

Vitamin D + K2

When days get shorter and sunlight starts to shrink, vitamin D is a must-have nutrient to support a balanced mood and support immune health, especially considering that most people have insufficient levels of vitamin D. The “sunshine vitamin” as it’s commonly known is actually a fat-soluble hormone that your body produces in response to the sun’s UVB rays, and has been shown to be a vital nutrient for supporting mood and emotional wellbeing.*  

Vitamin D is also a powerful immune booster.According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, it may “help control infections and reduce inflammation”. In fact, studies show that vitamin D deficiency is connected to an increased risk of infection.*

If you live in a colder weather climate or you’re the indoor type, chances are you’re not getting enough sunlight to synthesize vitamin D on your own, which is why a supplement is so crucial.

Vitamin D is a superhero all by itself, but when combined with vitamin K2, the synergy offers a 1-2 punch of immune boosting power. Studies show that vitamin D and vitamin K2 are the “perfect pair”, because they amplify each other’s ability to support immune function as well as bone strength and heart health.*

Our unique, vegan Vitamin D + K2 delivers winter-ready daily servings of vitamin D with organic, flower-derived vitamin K2 that’s clinically shown to remain active in your body longer than other forms. Plus, it supports mood balance and strong bones. 

Immune Health Starts in The Gut

Gut Balance

A UCLA report reveals that an extraordinary 70% of your immune system is located in the gut microbiome, where immune cells interact with the diverse, healthy bacteria.* Through research, we now understand the immense power of their symbiotic relationship in supporting human health. 

One study identified a microbial molecule with the ability to activate immune cells known as natural killer (NK) T cells.* In other words, high levels of “good” microbes help to counter the effects of invading “bad” microbes. And this relationship is best reinforced through nutrition.

Packed with three live strains of probiotics, fast-acting Gut Balance helps good gut bacteria flourish in just 72 hours. Its clinically studied probiotics from citrus fruit resist the stomach’s harsh acidic environment to reach the microbiome. Plus, this formula is shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration.

As with most supplements, it takes a few weeks of consistent daily use for these powerful supplements to deploy and build up the levels of active compounds needed to boost immune system function. So start your routine now and prepare your natural defenses to fight hostile forces later.