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Put Your Health and Self-Care First with 5 Amazing Healthy Holiday Bundles

The holiday season is in full swing and you’ve been hard at work preparing to create joyous, magical memories for everyone around you. You love to see the twinkle of the lights and sparkle in their eyes, but creating these picture-perfect moments can leave you feeling burned out before the actual celebrations begin!

Take time to put yourself first with a few pre-holiday stocking stuffers to boost your beauty, immune system and energy.

To make it easy, we created 5 Healthy Holidays bundles that are absolutely unmissable, because they offer Body Kitchen’s best pricing on an assortment of Body Kitchen products. It’s like Black Friday all month long!


#1 Top Sellers Bundle

(SAVE 43%)

Regular price: $69.90 

Holiday price: $39.95


Get two of Body Kitchen’s most popular formulas at seriously discounted prices.

Youthful Beauty collagen powder was featured on the Rachael Ray Show for its cutting-edge approach to skin rejuvenation. Revive your skin with this blend of grass-fed and marine collagen, fruit antioxidants and moisture-locking hyaluronic acid.

Mega NAC is our powerful “toxin trapper” that supports natural the body’s natural cleansing process and respiratory health. It combines N-acetyl cysteine and quercetin with black pepper extract for optimal absorption.


#2 Premium Beauty Bundle

(SAVE 40%) 

Regular price: $74.90 

Holiday price: $44.95


If there’s ever a time to stock up on our two targeted skin and hair boosters, this is it! Get what you need for the season and beyond.

Collagen Enrich is luxe skincare in a capsule with high-quality collagen, hyaluronic acid, silica and antioxidants to fight the formation of wrinkles and hydrate skin at the surface for a smoother appearance.

Keratin Enrich supports hair growth and helps minimize excess shedding with clinically backed keratin protein, antioxidants and a family of B-vitamins including biotin.


#3 Beauty Essentials Bundle

(SAVE 43%) 

Regular price: $104.85 

Holiday price: $59.95


Snag a trio of head-to-to beauty favorites for a song with once-a-year bundle pricing.

Pro-Elastin provides optimal support aging skin with a proprietary marine ingredient shown to enhance elasticity, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and reinforce skin’s spring-like fibers.  

Peptide Fortified Hair Skin Nails is our unique, age-fighting formula that supplies a multitude of skincare ingredients, including collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and phytoceramides to support younger-looking skin while supporting strong, healthy-growing hair and nails.

Original Body Boost is everything but original, with its complete combination of collagen and protein that supports skin radiance, hair growth, joint health and lean muscle mass.


#4 Immune Bundle

(SAVE 42%) 


Regular price: $39.90 

Holiday price: $24.95


Enjoy big savings and big rewards – like knowing your natural defenses are in tip-top shape all winter long.

Nordic-Elder Shield delivers the immune-boosting power of pure, concentrated black elderberry extract from Norway without the sweet syrup or unnecessary sugar intake.

Mega NAC supports healthy lung and respiratory function, and helps boost levels of glutathione, the body’s master protector against unhealthy threats. Includes the powerful antioxidant, quercetin, to fight free radicals.  


#5 Daily Essentials Bundle

(SAVE 42%)


Regular price: $51.90 

Holiday price: $32.95


Find your happy place amidst the holiday hustle and bustle with proven, mood-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Unwind magnesium powder helps you manage holiday stress by calming your mind and muscles. It also improves sleep quality to help you wake up feeling refreshed and naturally energized.  

Vitamin D+K2 supplies a daily dose of the sunshine vitamin to support a balanced mood, promote bone strength and a healthy immune system. Plus, synergistic vitamin K2 optimizes distribution of vitamin D and other nutrients throughout the body.