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What are Collagen Peptides?

There’s a lot of buzz around collagen peptides. They’re found in an ever-growing number of products, from skin creams to smoothies. Just what are collagen peptides, and what can they do for you?

About collagen peptides

Most people are familiar with collagen, a structural protein that makes up many tissues in the body. Collagen is necessary for everything from healthy blood vessels and strong joints to smooth and supple skin. Collagen itself is made up of collagen peptides: protein chains that are twisted tightly together in collagen molecules. To make use of collagen, the body first has to break it down into its constituent peptides. By breaking collagen down into its constituent peptides before they’re consumed, this useful protein source is made more readily available to the body.

What do collagen peptides do?

Collagen peptides, therefore, are a valuable source of protein. They’re used to improve your body’s store of building blocks for connective tissue. Collagen peptides can theoretically be consumed to strengthen the parts of the body where collagen is most important.

What are collagen peptides good for?

Like any protein in the body, if you don’t replenish it you go on losing it. Wrinkles develop largely because there is no longer enough collagen in the skin. Collagen peptides are reputed to improve the skin’s appearance, helping to keep it plump and free of wrinkles. Some people have reported improvements in other skin conditions, such as acne, although there’s less evidence to bear this out.

Many people take collagen peptides to help promote the growth of strong, healthy nails and thicker hair.  There’s certainly some reason to believe that this could be effective since collagen is required to build strong nails and healthy hair follicles.

Collagen peptides are also taken to prevent and treat problems with the joints, such as sports injuries, arthritis, and general wear-and-tear. Some athletes are interested in collagen peptides, as collagen is required for building muscles and cartilage.

How can I take collagen peptides?

While topical preparations containing collagen peptides are available, the consensus is that they should be taken internally so they can directly affect the dermis layer. Because of this, it is recommended that collagen is taken internally.

You can find collagen peptides in pill or capsule form, as well as in pre-mixed drinks and foods.  You can find flavored collagen peptide powders in tasty varieties like vanilla or chocolate. These flavors can get a little repetitive, though, and obviously can’t be mixed into savory foods like soups. Instead, the best choice is usually an unflavored collagen peptide powder. Collagen peptides themselves have no real taste and dissolve easily in water, allowing you to mix them into many everyday beverages. They also lack any gelling or thickening effect, which means that they won’t alter the texture of the food or drink you add to. It’s generally recommended that you mix them with other healthy ingredients so that your body can get the full nutritional benefit.

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Supplements like collagen peptides can be beneficial in several ways. They can only be truly effective, however, if they’re taken as part of a moderate diet.