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Why Setting a New Year’s Resolution is Good for Your Health and Mind

Every New Year offers a mulligan; an opportunity to stare life in the face and reassess with honesty and without judgment our goals, dreams and bad habits in the worthwhile pursuit of improvement and fulfillment. And that’s where the time-honored New Year’s resolution comes in.

According to a global study by Statista, 39% of U.S. adults make New Year’s resolutions. You can predict that health related goals, such as exercising more, eating healthier and losing weight top the list. Professional goals also rank high. And why not? Living a happier, healthier and more purposeful life are goals we all aspire to reach and deserve to enjoy year-round.

While many naysayers may view resolutions with cynicism, waving dismal statistics about how few people actually achieve them, the notion of giving up on optimism and on yourself are not optional. In this way, you might even say that New Year’s resolutions are good for your health and mind!

With your commitment made and motivation renewed, let’s turn to the business of taking action. 

From ‘resolution’ to ‘reality’

Action is the word that gets you to your destination. On Day 1, you may have enough motivation to fill Times Square, but old habits die hard and new ones need weeks if not months of consistency to take hold. Thankfully, clean slates abound in the New Year, and so does fresh perspective.

Tackling a resolution feels daunting. So focus on breaking it down into 365 small, daily, micro goals and take it one day at a time. You’ll be surprised at how much stress, overwhelm and self-sabotage you can eliminate by concentrating on making today productive and attuned to your goals.

Make yourself a priority

When life gets in the way – and it will – it’s all too easy to sidestep daily goals in favor of the path of least resistance. You may even feel guilty or indulgent about the time, effort and focus that go into putting yourself and your goals first.

But taking action to improve your health and happiness is not a luxury—it’s basic maintenance for your body and mind.

When reframed as a core necessity, the small, daily actions you take every day become moments that recharge and empower you to keep going. Feeling healthy and strong become your priority, making it easier to focus on them and help you overcome obstacles and ignore distractions.

Free your mind and success will follow

Focus is a powerful thing when you focus your mind on the RIGHT thing. You’ve heard the adage, get out of your head. It’s a spiraling descent into negative, judgmental and ruminating thoughts that divert your attention from what matters most with a million different reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t and won’t. 

Make 2024 the year that you exceed your own expectations by staying laser focused on what you really want by ignoring the noise. Whether it’s to make healthier eating choices, break a sweat more often or build your dream career, improving your ability to focus is a vitally important tool you’ll need.

Minimize mind-wandering

Self-awareness is a key to success. And if you know yourself to give in to digital distractions, you are not alone. A 2018 report out of the UK noted that people check their smartphones every 12 minutes on average during waking hours. That adds up to hours of digital derailments every day and precious time better spent on helping you achieve your goals.

If you have trouble focusing on tasks or want to improve your daily productivity to help free up more time to spend on making your resolutions your reality, try a little herbal discipline. 

Plant extracts have been used for centuries to improve mental clarity, increase energy and promote a feeling of calm and control. Today, we call them cognitive enhancers and they can be powerful aids for helping to improve your daily focus without side effects. 

Need help focusing on your goals?

From intrusive thoughts to digital distractions, we created a safe and natural formula to help you stay focused on your daily goals and crush your New Year’s resolution. 

Crafted by BodyKitchen, Exeed Mind combines 5 clinically research plant extracts that boost attention and productivity while helping you stay cool and on-track when daily stressors strike. 

Let 2024 be your best year yet! Happy New Year!