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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Body and Mind

Spring is always special, but Spring 2022 will be one for the books. Exactly two years after COVID-19 stopped our lives, routines and fun in their tracks, things are—dare we say it—back to normal!

As we shake-off winter along with a global pandemic, reemerging with renewed appreciation for physical and mental wellbeing, it’s fitting to transition into the season of renewal with a little bit of spring cleaning to create space for new experiences.   

From dry skin to negative thinking—just about every part of you can benefit from some gentle scrubbing periodically. By cleaning out the clutter in your mind, body and beauty drawer, you can get rid of the junk that holds you back from making every day special.

So, pick a day this week and get ready to spring forward feeling fresh and renewed. 

Eliminate cellular clutter

One of the best things about spring is the increased variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Not only does fresh produce supply fiber and essential vitamins and minerals your body uses to carry out vital functions, its density of potent plant pigments can give your body an advantage—inside and out—by fighting cellular wear and tear. 

Quercetin is one well-researched plant pigment renowned for its versatility. If quercetin was a piece of clothing, it would be your favorite, most comfortable pair of jeans—the ones that go with everything and make you look and feel fabulous!

Concentrated in berries, grapes, onions, cherries, broccoli and citrus fruit, and its powerful active compounds, called flavonoids, it has anti-inflammatory effects that have been associated with full body benefits, from supporting brain and heart health to boosting skin and hair.**** 

Amazingly, quercetin has the ability to detoxify the body by supporting liver function, which is a key organ involved in eliminating impurities and waste.** And as a powerful antioxidant, quercetin helps rid cells of unstable molecules that can lead to age-related health issues. 

Taking a daily quercetin supplement is an excellent way to increase your antioxidant protection if you regularly come-up short on the recommended ‘5 a day’ of fruits and vegetables.

But beware… quercetin is not highly bioavailable, which is why Body Kitchen Mega Quercetin formula combines 1,000 mg of plant-based quercetin with black pepper extract for 30% better absorption. 

Springtime beauty purge

There’s nothing fresher and more beautiful than healthy, glowing skin. And this is the perfect time of year to renew your skin from the inside out—where radiance starts.

Collagen is the foundation of firm, healthy skin that’s strong enough to fight wrinkles, fine lines and moisture loss. Think of your body’s largest organ as a house—if the foundation is not maintained, over time it starts to sag and crack.

Collagen production declines by about 1% every year starting at about age 25, so you have to fortify it nutritionally with lots of protein, including collagen.

The easy and convenient way to give your body the building blocks it needs to synthesize collagen, as well as elastin—skin’s elasticity protein—is by adding a scoop of collagen peptides to your smoothies and beverages. (Find this month’s Spring Superfood Smoothie recipe!)

Peptides are literally the smallest forms of collagen, so they’re easily digested, absorbed and used to form new skin and connective tissue.

Body Kitchen Youthful Beauty Collagen is complete skincare in powder form. Not only does each serving have 20% more skin-firming collagen peptides, it also includes resveratrol and black currant antioxidants to fight wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid to boost skin’s moisture content!

Speaking of skincare, are you still using the same products you used throughout winter and cosmetics from two years ago?

Replace thicker winter moisturizers with lighter formulations, and don’t forget to add sunscreen to your morning routine. If you’re going to use a daily SPF moisturizer you have stored, don’t forget to check the expiration date, because active ingredients have a shelf life and can become unstable over time, increasing your chances of getting a sunburn. 

Then turn your attention to old cosmetics like thickened foundations and crumbly powders, and be sure to wash makeup brushes as skin oils and old makeup can create an environment teeming with bacteria.

Spring clean your mind

One of the most important cleansing rituals you can do this spring is to rid your mind of unhealthy thinking patterns. Thoughts are powerful forces that drive behaviors and outcomes. The key is to reframe thoughts into ones that allow for the greatest possibilities, outcomes and solutions instead of closing yourself off to them.

The power of positive thinking may feel overstated and overrated, but science shows there are far-reaching benefits, from better health to more happiness.* Not only can having an optimistic outlook lift you out of a funk, it can actually reduce inflammation and improve immune system function.*

Of course, rough times can happen during any season, making it harder to think clearly— much less positively—when you’re feeling stressed, worried and having difficulty sleeping as a result. And while more sunlight and longer days leave more time for outdoor activities, they can also push-back your bedtime and wake you up before you’re ready.

If you’re having trouble winding down, try magnesium. The same mineral that supports strong bones and blood pressure is also a known natural relaxant and mood booster.

Magnesium supports the parasympathetic system, which is involved in relaxing muscles and calming down an overactive stress response. That’s why Epsom salt baths are so effective! 

For faster benefits, try Body Kitchen Unwind. Our pure and natural magnesium is in powder form for quicker absorption. Add it to a beverage when you’re feeling stressed or take it at night for better sleep quality.  

The time you spend eliminating the visible and invisible clutter from your body, home and life will be time well spent as you can spring into the season feeling lighter and healthier.    

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