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Can Collagen Help You Sleep? Collagen Benefits During Sleep

You probably already know that collagen is excellent for beauty and overall well-being, but did you know it can also help you sleep?

Collagen is a vital protein used throughout your body to form connective tissue and other important structures. The molecular structure of collagen is coiled and twisted like a tiny spring, creating a substance that’s both strong and flexible. Collagen makes up muscles, much of your joints’ tissue, and a large percentage of your skin.

In younger people, collagen is produced abundantly. The levels of collagen that your body can make tend to decline with age. However, supplementation can help to keep production up. That’s why taking collagen can help keep your joints limber, your muscles strong, and your skin supple and smooth.

Now there’s another good reason to try collagen supplements: research shows that additional collagen may also help you get a good night’s sleep. Studies into the effects of collagen on mood and sleep patterns now suggest that collagen may help regulate your mood and contribute to getting the quality sleep you need for good health.

Collagen and Sleep

The idea of taking collagen to help sleep might seem a little counter-intuitive. It all comes down to a compound called glycine. When you take collagen, your body receives more of this critical amino acid since glycine is a collagen component. Glycine plays a crucial role in many of your body’s natural processes, including sleep. A glycine intake before bed has been shown to improve the length and quality of sleep in many people.

Glycine can also help by addressing the effects of sleep deprivation: anxiety, low energy levels, and reduced cognitive function. When taking glycine, participants in one study reported that they were peppier and less impaired by a lack of sleep than a control group. They also reported better recall and improved concentration.

Collagen and Mood

Collagen’s glycine-boosting powers can also help in regulating your mood and emotions. In today’s stressful world, many of us are looking around for something to reduce tension and anxiety without making us feel sleepy or detached. Because of its role in serotonin production and regulation, glycine can really help smooth out those peaks of anxiety and improve your mood overall.

This means that when you take collagen supplements, you may find that they improve your mental well-being as much as they improve your skin and joint health. This is excellent news for anyone struggling with stress or anxiety.

Collagen and Your Body

Because collagen is so ubiquitous, ensuring a ready supply of the building blocks for new collagen can help you in many different ways. Collagen supplements can help improve your digestive health, strengthening the tissues of your GI tract. Because it contributes bulk without adding lots of extra calories, collagen can support healthy eating by moderating your appetite.

Collagen is great for active people of all ages. It can improve your muscles’ strength and resilience, helping you to perform longer and recover more quickly after exercise. Collagen is also crucial for joint health, as it makes up much of the soft tissue in your joints. It also supports certain inflammatory conditions, so it’s great for those who engage in activities that are likely to impact the joints.

Choosing a Collagen Supplement for Sleep

All collagen supplements are not created equal. Some inferior products use lower-quality collagen or bulk out their powders with cheaper ingredients. With Body Kitchen’s Uplift & Unwind Collagen Powder, you get all the benefits of Body Kitchen’s proprietary collagen preparation. This is high in crucial di-peptides, making it easier for your body to process and delivering more glycine.

This potent form of powdered collagen also incorporates other sleep-enhancing ingredients. It contains L-theanine, a compound that’s known to help promote restful sleep and improve your mood. There’s also hemp seed powder, a well-known aid to relaxation and rest.

Body Kitchen uses a unique process to create a collagen powder that’s more powerful than most competing products. With Uplift & Unwind, you get the benefits of two powerful classes of di-peptide: Proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG). As well as the sleep-enhancing and mood-boosting properties of glycine, Body Kitchen’s formula also helps to support healthy joints and stronger muscles. It can also improve your skin, fighting the effects of aging and banishing wrinkles.