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Collagen Smoothies – Healthy and Simple Way to Get Collagen

You probably know about the many benefits of consuming additional collagen. Collagen is an important protein made up of many amino acids that have significant health benefits. When you consume collagen in a bio-available form, your body can use this to make more collagen of its own. This is excellent news for your health: not only does collagen help keep your skin smooth and youthful, but it also benefits many of your body’s systems as it is involved in different biological processes.

There are many ways to get more collagen. You can try adding high-collagen foods to your diet, like bone broth and bony fish cooked with the skin on. These kinds of dietary sources, while valuable, don’t necessarily deliver the optimal amount of collagen for your body. And let’s be honest, it’s not the most convenient option either.

That’s why smoothies are such a great way to get your daily dose of collagen. By blending collagen powder with other tasty, nutritious ingredients, you can make sure that your body has everything it needs in one handy drink.

For making smoothies, you need collagen in a convenient powder formula. While it’s tempting to get the cheapest collagen you will soon find you get what you pay for. When you check the ingredients, many collagen powders contain added ingredients that don’t contribute anything to nutrition. Many manufacturers include cheaper bulking agents and in some cases, you won’t even know where the collagen is coming from.

When choosing a collagen powder for smoothies, you should look for a highly bio-available powder. To make use of collagen, your body has to break it down and absorb it. Choose a product with a high level of dipeptides – Body Kitchen is an excellent example.

Body Kitchen’s Original Body Boost Collagen Powder is an unflavored collagen powder that’s perfect for adding to your smoothies. The patented Body Kitchen formula has 30 times the dipeptides of competing brands, meaning that it’s more easily absorbed. This superior absorption means that you get a real collagen boost and better nutrition. Fortified with Type I and Type III dipeptides, Original Body Boost Collagen Powder is one of the most potent formulations on the market.

This advanced dipeptide-science makes Body Kitchen’s collagen an ideal supplement. It can help improve your skin’s elasticity and pliability, slowing and even reversing some of the signs of aging. Improved collagen levels are also associated with stronger nails and thicker, healthier hair.

Collagen can also improve muscle strength, as well as the strength and flexibility of your joints. Drinking a collagen smoothie before or after exercise can improve recovery — ideal for athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a beauty boost or the health benefits of collagen supplementation, Body Kitchen’s Original Body Boost Collagen Powder is definitely a top supplement choice.

Collagen in Smoothies

Pumpkin seed and banana smoothie don’t just taste great. It packs in plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, and potassium, helping to support well-being inside and out. This smoothie can help those with inflammatory issues and skin problems like acne. It’s also an excellent mood booster.

A watermelon smoothie made with mixed berries, and coconut milk or coconut water gives you a double whammy of nutrition and hydration. Coconut milk adds a creamy taste and texture while delivering healthy fats. If you’re looking for a lighter recipe (or you’re just really thirsty), you could opt for naturally hydrating coconut water instead. Watermelon is a delicious way to hydrate, thanks to its sweet taste and high water content, while blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc., are bursting with anthocyanins and other antioxidants.

For a decadent treat with serious anti-aging benefits, try blending nut milk, frozen berries, and cacao with collagen and flaxseed. Not only will this satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth, but it also gives you the skin-smoothing benefits of quality collagen and flaxseed.

A collagen smoothie made with raspberries and cocoa butter is excellent if you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to unhealthy milkshakes. Blending unsweetened coconut milk with collagen, frozen raspberries, top-quality collagen and chia seeds gives you a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and fiber — all in a delicious smoothie that will satisfy your cravings for dairy desserts.