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Collagen Peptides to Rebuild, Repair and Heal Your Body

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in your body. When many people think of collagen, they think of its skin-smoothing properties. More active people might think of collagen as an excellent supplement for the joints and muscles.

These systems are only a part of the story, however. An adequate supply of collagen is essential to build the tissues that make-up almost every aspect of your body. It's found in all sorts of connective tissue, from your muscle fascia to your GI tract. Even your hair follicles contain collagen. Collagen, or compounds produced when your body digests it, is also implicated in systems as disparate as immune function and the sleep cycle.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen is made up of coiled chains of amino acids. This coiled structure is what gives collagen its resilience and pliability. To produce collagen, your body needs a ready supply of those amino acid building blocks. While you can get a certain amount of the key amino acids used to create collagen from your diet, supplementation is often a good idea.

This is particularly true for the over-25s. After this age, the amount of collagen that your body produces will tend to drop off – it acts like any protein, if you’re not replenishing it, you’re losing it.. On average, collagen production will decline by about one percent per year, leaving your body with less and less collagen for your skin and other essential structures. The older you get, the more critical it is to ensure that your body has a ready supply of those crucial amino acids.

What's the best source of those collagen building blocks? One great source is collagen itself. That's why collagen supplements have been shown to offer all kinds of benefits, from smoothing wrinkles and firming up sagging skin to reducing joint pain and even improving gastric issues.

Heal Your Body

Because collagen is so essential for almost all of your body's systems, it's vitally important for your overall health. This goes for active young people, those in middle age, and seniors. If you're already healthy and active, collagen is excellent for improving recovery times and preventing muscle soreness after exercising. It also helps to protect your joints and reduces wear and tear on those vulnerable tissues.

Collagen is particularly important for those experiencing joint problems, whether these are due to injury, an inflammatory condition like arthritis, or just the natural effects of aging.

Collagen and Wound Healing - Healing Peptides

Everyone gets injured from time to time, and the more active you are, the more injuries you're likely to acquire. Skin healing is complex, and the answer to the question "what nutrient helps repair the body?" has no specific answer. That said, one key factor in healing is the amount of collagen that your body can produce. Your skin requires a certain amount of collagen for wound healing, as it's this protein that's used to make fresh new skin and fix your injuries.

Injuries and wounds aren't always visible and external. Collagen is also required to help rebuild torn or damaged tendons and ligaments and heal muscle tears and sprains.

Do Collagen Supplements Work to Rebuild Knee Cartilage?

Knee injuries and damaged joints due to health problems can be harrowing, affecting your mobility and quality of life. Fortunately, collagen supplements can help here too. While diet is just one factor in rebuilding knee cartilage, it can be crucial to ensure that you get optimal nutrition while you're trying to restore your knee joints. Collagen is very important for healthy cartilage, so supplementation can often help.

Choosing Collagen Supplements for Healing

The most helpful collagen supplements for healing your body are those with a high degree of purity and bioavailability. This means selecting a product with a high level of collagen dipeptides, as the body more readily absorbs these.

Body Kitchen's Original Body Boost Collagen Powder contains 30 times the level of dipeptides found in similar rival products. This bioavailable formula makes it perfect for healing injured skin, joints, and tendons.  Original Body Boost Collagen Powder also helps to improve your complexion and overall well-being. As part of a holistic healing approach, it's the ideal collagen supplement.