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Hair Benefits of Collagen, Keratin, Elastin, and Biotin

Everyone’s hair needs a little extra help sometimes. Most of us reach for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments to ensure strong, healthy locks. While hair treatments like this can offer cosmetic improvements, thick, silky hair comes from within. Good nutrition is the key to beautiful hair. To ensure that your hair gets everything it needs, supplements are useful. There are several nutrients involved in hair improvement, but four key players are collagen, keratin, elastin, and biotin.


Collagen is a fantastic protein. It has a unique coiled structure that allows it to be both firm and highly flexible. It’s found abundantly throughout the human body and is a crucial constituent of many tissues, particularly connective tissues. Taking additional collagen can have multiple benefits: more flexible joints, better bone health, and strong muscles. It’s also noted for its ability to promote youthful skin since the skin relies mainly on collagen for its structure.

Collagen is also great for your hair. Without healthy follicles, it’s impossible to have healthy hair. Collagen supports your hair follicles, encourages hair growth, and ensures that the follicles stay healthy and active. It’s also very rich is one of the amino-acids that composes the next hair-protein we’re going to cover.


Keratin, also known as the hair-protein, is another protein commonly found in the human body. It’s the chief constituent of both nails and hair. A lack of keratin can lead to weak nails that break easily. It also leads to weaker, thinner hair. For thick, silky hair, retention is important; a hair replacement cycle that’s too short or erratic leads to thin, uneven hair. By taking additional keratin in supplement form, you can help ensure that your hair remains thick and strong.


Elastin is a protein that’s very important for your skin — including your hair follicles. Along with collagen, it’s one of the critical proteins making up the deeper layers of your skin, as well as the tissues of your hair follicles. Hair follicles naturally produce elastin themselves, but they also require elastin to function correctly. Elastin protein supplements could help keep your hair in good shape. While factors involved in hair loss are very complicated, it seems that elastin supplements could be helpful for some people.


Just how keratin is the hair-protein, biotin is the hair-vitamin. It’s water-soluble and forms part of the B family of vitamins, although it’s also known as vitamin H. Your body needs a ready supply of biotin to make keratin for healthy nails and full, thick hair. While most balanced diets supply the biotin the average person needs, someone with weak hair and nails could benefit from supplementation.

Choosing a Hair Supplement

Biotin vs Collagen and Collagen vs Elastin

To promote healthy hair growth, it’s crucial to choose a quality supplement that contains a range of different ingredients that can all work in synergy. Body Kitchen’s Total Beauty (Collagen, Keratin, and Elastin) formula contains Body Kitchen’s proprietary high-quality hydrolyzed collagen powder, which has been developed for optimal bioavailability. Collagen doesn’t just promote healthy hair — it has plenty of other health and beauty benefits, too, such as fewer wrinkles and blemishes.

It also contains 500mg of patented soluble keratin to encourage the growth and retention of strong, healthy hair. Marine elastin promotes skin repair, helping to keep your scalp and follicles in great shape.

Because biotin is so important for adequate keratin production, Total Beauty also contains 3,000mcg of added biotin. This valuable vitamin encourages your body to produce more of the keratin required for robust and healthy hair and smooth, strong nails.

To improve your skin, collagen works best with a hydrating ingredient. That’s why Total Beauty also contains hyaluronic acid. This helps to hydrate your skin and keep it smooth, plump, and supple.


"I purchased this after doing research on elastin and it’s role in the body. After a very positive experience with 2 capsules a day, I have doubled my usage to 2 x 2 times/day. I know it’s working for my own internal issues, so I am going to say it works for my skin. I already take other supplements that promote collagen and hylauronic acid levels. I still see improvements on top of using these 2 supplements." -Elaine



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