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How Collagen Powder Works

Like a catchy country hit that climbs the pop charts, collagen powder is an undeniable crossover hit, widely popular as both a health supplement that helps rebuild joints and muscles, and a skincare essential that supports younger-looking skin as well as healthy hair and nails.

Something else remarkable about collagen powder is the wide audience it serves. From young 20-somethings taking charge of their skin health to the 50+ and fabulous who want to look good and feel it, collagen powder is one of the most versatile dietary supplements you can use to maintain your youthful spirit, inside and out.

While the health benefits of collagen are well-known, how collagen powder works is not. So let’s break it down.

Collagen protein basics

Collagen is one of three structural proteins and the most abundant in your body, accounting for 30% of its total protein. It’s pivotal to forming skin, joints, muscles, tendons, bones and connective tissues.

Your body produces collagen by breaking down the dietary protein you eat into amino acids that are then used to form new proteins, including more collagen. Collagen is uniquely high in three particular amino acids: glycine, protein and hydroxyproline. This is the cycle by which all proteins are made, regardless of whether you get your protein from a steak, scrambled eggs, mixed bean salad or bone broth.

In fact, dietary sources of collagen are mostly limited to sipping bone broth or eating roasted bone marrow, both of which are scarcely consumed in the Western diet – and why collagen powder is so attractive.

Collagen powder “feeds” the collagen in your body

If bone broth or roasted marrow is not your thing, a high-quality collagen powder offers an easy, effective and convenient “shortcut” for increasing your collagen intake. Depending on the type and source, one scoop of collagen powder can deliver anywhere from 2.5 grams to about 20 grams of collagen.

Collagen powder opens up the supply chain of raw materials you need to produce and repair collagen-dependent tissues in your body. It gives you a boost of those three amino acids that are essential to forming collagen.

Some collagen powders combine collagen with protein for an all-in-one solution. Our Youthful Beauty Advanced is one of them, offering a protein-packed solution by combining 10 grams of collagen powder PLUS 10 grams of protein to feed every tissue in your body, from skin radiance to lean muscle mass. Not only is it convenient, it delivers a full 19 amino acids, including the three key collagen builders.

Collagen powders look the same… but are they?

When you open a tub of collagen powder, or any powder supplement for that matter, it probably doesn’t stand out in any memorable way. But there are substantial differences that you should know about.

Source of protein

Like whey, casein or egg protein powder, collagen powder is animal-based protein, because it contains super-high, concentrated levels. Plants simply don’t contain much collagen to aid human health. Common sources of collagen are bovine, porcine, avian and marine.

It’s also common to blend sources and types of collagen. Youthful Beauty Advanced features our exclusive Peptide Fortified Collagen that combines grass-fed bovine collagen and fish collagen peptides to deliver the best of both. Additionally, this multi-source approach yields a product that delivers high-absorption collagen peptides with the amino acid punch of traditional protein.


It goes without saying that you want high quality for what you put on or in your body. When it comes to collagen powder, “high quality” means that it’s powerful enough to be absorbed. Because it won’t work if you can’t digest it.

You’ve likely heard about collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen (BTW, there’s no difference). The molecules are perfectly diced-up fragments of whole collagen protein that maintain its tissue-building goodness and are easy to absorb. That’s why Youthful Beauty Advanced doubles down on these powerful peptides with two specially bonded amino acids that offer 30X greater concentration of key peptides.

Quality also means that you get the purest, most concentrated form of collagen that’s not diluted with unnecessary fillers and additives.  

Targeted formulas

Just as skincare moisturizers vary according to specific needs, there’s as much variety in collagen powders, which is why at Body Kitchen we offer a range of collagen products to serve your unique needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Some collagen powders keep it simple with formulas that only include hydrolyzed collagen or peptides. Other formulas may include co-factors, such as vitamin C and minerals that your body uses to support natural collagen production.

There are also comprehensive collagen powder formulas that include additional health boosters for targeted support for improving skin health, joint mobility, digestion, etc.

That’s why we created Youthful Beauty Advanced. Part nutritional supplement, part serious skincare, this popular formula targets the signs of collagen breakdown including wrinkles and loss of elasticity your skin needs for a beautifully healthy glow. In addition to high-quality, high-absorption collagen, it also includes hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate skin, and two powerful fruit antioxidants – resveratrol and amino acids from black currant – to fight wrinkles and sun damage.   

Now that you know how collagen powder can help you maintain a healthy, youthful body inside and out, you’re ready to shop with confidence!

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