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For many years neuroscientists believed that the ability to regrow brain cells wasn't possible for adults. However, science has shown that adult neurogenesis exists, as research continues to give us a better understanding of the neurogenesis process. Taking cognitive enhancers can also play a role in further increasing neurogenesis in the brain.


Neurogenesis is simply the creation of new brain cells. The process of adult neurogenesis happens once stem cells turn into neurons. Initially, scientists only believed that neurogenesis occurred at an early age due to the difficulty in repairing neuronal damage. However, adult neurogenesis is possible despite its rarity, as cognitive enhancers can help expedite this process.


The exact method for triggering adult neurogenesis remains unknown, but the benefits of this process are immense. The location of neurogenesis is essential, as growing new brain cells in the striatum will improve motor tasks. In contrast, you will enhance memory and learning if it occurs in the hippocampus. Neurogenesis also seems to play a vital role in brain health, and it's also been linked to mood, learning, and memory. On the other hand, neurodegeneration is the opposite process, as it's the gradual decline in performance and cognitive abilities due to age-related issues.


Understanding how to increase neurogenesis is a top priority for scientists. One way to increase the possibility of neurogenesis in the brain is through nootropics. Using neurogenesis nootropics will often enhance Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) and improve the number of brain-building blocks. Neuroprotectors are another form of nootropics that can be used to protect against neurodegeneration due to age. Some nootropics can increase brain power production to keep up with the high-energy demands of creating new brain cells.

Here is an overview of a few natural nootropics that have been linked to neurogenesis:


Lion's Mane Mushroom offers therapeutic and restorative brain-building benefits, as it's often been a cornerstone within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While this mushroom is known for its unique flavor, it's gained more attention worldwide due to its ability to regenerate neurons naturally. Lion's Mane Mushroom also seems to provide significant mood-boosting effects, as it's available in various neurogenesis supplements.


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is naturally found in the brain, as it's an essential building block for neurogenesis. PS can also be sourced from sunflowers, as it's one of the most popular cognitive enhancers available on the market. Typically, PS is used for improving concentration and memory performance, which makes it especially beneficial for older adults. PS also serves as a sports nutrition nootropic for golfers by reducing stress and improving performance.


Another critical organic compound that plays an important role in the brain's energy metabolism. A large amount of energy is required for adult neurogenesis, as it's believed that Vitamin B12 can help in the brain cell regeneration process. Some research also suggests that Vitamin B12 can help slow the aging process by maintaining the size of the brain. Additional scientific studies are needed to determine the role of Vitamin B12 in brain cell upkeep and regeneration.


Using supplements containing Memophenol, such as EXEED Mind, is another way to enhance neurogenesis in the brain. This patented compound combines blueberry extract and French grape to support healthy cognitive function. Supplements containing this clinically-studied ingredient are an excellent choice to enhance multiple functions of the brain. Brands like Body Kitchen use natural and patented ingredients combined with Memophenol to deliver multiple benefits related to brain and cognition. This formula is ideal for gamers, students, and/or office warriors due to improving mental clarity and reaction speed.


Understanding how to increase neurogenesis in the brain is critical in boosting mental performance and preventing cognitive decline. Using cognitive enhancement supplements and other natural nootropics is an excellent way to increase adult neurogenesis. Making healthy lifestyle changes is also critical, such as getting enough aerobic exercise to produce neurotrophins further. Combining exercise with a healthy diet and cognitive enhancers will further enhance your mental performance.