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Reduce Wrinkles and Get Clinically Proven Results with Collagen and Elastin

Skin changes with age due to shifts in hormone levels and the speed with which various materials are manufactured by the body. Environmental factors can accelerate these changes by damaging healthy cells prematurely. The result is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that often begin around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Many people find that topical beauty products aren't enough to reduce wrinkles. For these individuals, collagen and elastin supplements may be the solution. Read on to find out what, how and why.

What Are Collagen and Elastin?

Collagen and elastin are two structural proteins that are vital for the skin. Serving as a support network, collagen gives skin its firmness, while elastin allows the tissue to stretch and return to its intended shape. Together, these proteins are what give skin its youthful texture and resilience.

Restoring Collagen and Elastin in Skin

As you age, your body naturally produces collagen and elastin at a slower rate, while free radicals in ultraviolet radiation and pollutants can break down existing proteins. Over time, this can lead to a loss of firmness and skin elasticity that shows on your complexion as sagging skin, loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Some skin creams and serums do contain collagen and elastin and promise to reduce eye wrinkles and other signs of aging by topically boosting protein levels in the skin. Unfortunately, these skin care products may not be able to penetrate deeply enough to make a real difference in skin elasticity and strength. Also, these beauty products only address signs of aging on the face.

Collagen and elastin supplements can provide a better solution for those focused on reducing wrinkles and lines. With supplements, you supply your body with collagen and elastin building blocks called peptides that can be broken down and reassembled into new proteins throughout the body.

Does Taking Collagen Supplements Reduce Wrinkles?

Collagen and elastin supplements promote firmer, more resilient skin from the inside out, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to support their benefits. A 2022 study reviewed the findings of 12 articles published over the preceding decade to assess how well collagen worked when taken orally and applied topically. The researchers concluded that collagen could lead to significant improvements in skin firmness and elasticity and advised that dermatologists could consider collagen supplements to be anti-aging remedies.

One of the many collagen clinical studies that stand out is a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Half of the participants were given daily collagen supplements and the other half were given sugar pills, and both the researchers and the participants weren't told which group was which. At the end of the study, the group that took collagen supplements had fewer wrinkles. In addition, the group saw improvement in hydration levels, smoothness, brightness, and fullness of the skin.

How to Choose Collagen Supplements

Not all supplements designed to increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles naturally are created equal. Consider the following when choosing a collagen and elastin supplement:

Form of Proteins

Top supplements like Body Kitchen Collagen + Elastin Powder use advanced forms of collagen and elastin to enhance effectiveness. Our product contains Verisol collagen, a proprietary grass-fed collagen derived from cows. Its optimized peptides are easier for the body to utilize, and the ingredient is clinically shown to increase skin elasticity by up to 15% within just 4 to 8 weeks of use. In addition to Verisol collagen, our supplement contains Prolastin elastin, a marine elastin that is produced through a unique enzymatic process that enhances bioavailability.

Supportive Ingredients

Collagen and elastic supplements may contain supportive ingredients to further support skin elasticity. Body Kitchen Collagen + Elastin Powder features hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the human body. This acid enhances skin hydration by drawing in moisture and helping it bind to the body’s tissue. In addition to promoting healthy, hydrated skin, it plumps the tissue to boost skin firmness.

Along with hyaluronic acid, our collagen powder includes vitamin C. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C lessens the damage caused by free radicals to support healthy aging. The essential vitamin is also necessary in the manufacturing of collagen.

Ease of Use

Body Kitchen Collagen + Elastin Powder is ultra-concentrated and features a clinically studied collagen dose to enhance benefits. Unlike other products, it dissolves quickly, so you can get your shake or smoothie ready in no time to reap the benefits of elastin and collagen without all the grit. Plus, the powder is unflavored, meaning there are no added artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or sugars. All you'll taste is the delicious ingredients that you use to mix with the convenient powder.