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Strength & Collagen

In any workout, strength training plays a huge part in the development and support of our muscles and joints. Though we tend to associate exercise with popular forms of cardio like running and cycling, there is almost always a component of strength training in your favorite mainstream workout classes. This is because strength training, although intimidating, is an integral part of working to body to keep it strong, lean and healthy.

Collagen plays a huge part in the strength of our muscles, joints, bones and ligaments by helping growth and healing through muscle recovery and regeneration. The use of collagen supplements also helps decrease joint pain and swelling and helps maintain bone density by stimulating bone-forming cells, increasing calcium absorption, and providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Basically, collagen is another source of strength for our body’s different functions. So let’s take it to the kitchen and set ourselves up for some strength.



Form: Find push up position with your hands, place your feet where they feel comfortable (modify as needed) and lower yourself down and SQUEEZE glutes and abs, coming back up to complete the push up.
Time/Reps: Quality over quantity! Whatever you can do while maintaining form.
Try to see how many you can do in one minute, but KEEP form! Safety first.
Modification: Same movement, but place hands on the counter.



Form: Neck is relaxed, head is neutral (don’t look up or ahead, you can strain the muscles in your neck!) Keep the hips up and try not to arch your back. Hold.
Time/Reps: 2 sets of 1 minute plank OR make it a combo:
Right side (30 sec) , middle (30 sec) , left side (30 sec) , middle (30 sec).

Modification: If on the floor, you can drop to your forearms, or take it from the counter with your arms fully extended (keep the elbows soft so you don’t lock them out!)



Form: Place feet shoulder-width apart, with your heels directly lined up under your shoulders. Turn the feet out SLIGHTLY, and then bend your knees and lower your hips, keeping a natural arch (not too much rounding or too much arching- think neutral). Hands can stay on the hips or come to prayer position in front of your chest.

Time/Reps: 1 minute
Modification: Quality over quantity! Do it right! Go slower if you need to.



Form: Standing up tall, transfer your body weight to one side and push up on the ball of your foot, squeezing the calf muscle. Come up a few inches off the ground (balancing on your toes) and lower back down. Squeeze the glue muscles as you go. Repeat.
Time/Reps: 1 minute on each side!

Modification: Hands on the counter for balance vs hands on hips for more of a challenge Remember small steps lead to big transformations!

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