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The Mind-Blowing Superfood for Beautiful Skin and a Stronger Body

When it comes to superfoods, plants get all the glory. Sure, plant ingredients are vital for stabilizing free radical activity that wears down healthy tissue, but ignoring the true power player of youthful essence can cost you dearly. 

For skin that looks tighter, plumper and years younger, look beyond fruits and botanicals to a superfood we overlook every day: protein.

The macronutrient you consume in chicken, eggs, yogurt, beans and nuts offers the best possible chance of defying age and gravity. No ingredient compares to the power of protein for strengthening skin’s firmness and elasticity. 

And skin is not the only beneficiary of protein. It also provides stability and durability to the structural support system throughout your body, from muscles to joints to bones. 

Find out how this forgotten superfood helps you look and feel younger. And pack an additional 10 grams of protein (including pure collagen) into your day with our delicious Strawberry Collagen Milkshake recipe.  

The Forgotten Superfood

Despite the easy access to protein, chances are you’re not getting enough to keep up with forming lines, lax skin and dwindling muscle mass (thank you, aging!). Even grip strength and posture can take a hit when you fall below daily requirements—roughly 7 grams for every 20 lbs of body weight. 

One surprising study revealed a big gap between what we need and what we get. In a review of nine years of data showing the protein intake of over 11,000 adults over 51, an astounding 46% of the oldest adults regularly fell below daily requirements.*   

Your Skin’s ‘Glow Blocks’ 

New skin generation starts with amino acids. The firm, fibrous net-like tissue that holds your body in place—inside and out—is mostly made of collagen and elastin. These two precious natural resources are large, whole protein molecules comprised of chains of amino acids.

Amino acids are found in all structural body tissues that provide strength and shape, from skin and bones to muscles and tendons. Known as the building blocks of life, amino acids are in a constant state of turnover—they’re broken down and reused to build more collagen, elastin and other proteins.

After your teen years, you can expect to lose about 1% of your collagen content EVERY YEAR!*  And not just collagen, but all protein production declines gradually.  

Natural Skin Hydrator

The plump, dewy essence of youthful skin owes its smooth suppleness to hyaluronic acid. This lubricating molecule absorbs 1,000 times its weight in moisture and seals the gaps in skin’s structural netting. It’s also present in the synovial fluid in joints that buffers against shock and impact. 

Hyaluronic acid turns over rapidly… lasting just a day in skin and 1-3 weeks in cartilage.* But, as with collagen, production of this natural moisturizer falls as you get older, leaving skin and joints suffering from lack of hydration.

Boost Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Naturally

Discovering that you’re losing the crucial building blocks of beautiful, healthy skin and body tone may feel as though your youth clock is ticking. But by leveling up your intake of dietary protein, you can keep your collagen and hyaluronic acid factories humming along longer.

Eggs have the perfect profile with 18 out of 20 amino acids, including essential amino acids your body cannot produce naturally and must be consumed through food. One egg delivers the 7 grams of protein you need per 20 lbs of body weight.

To increase consumption of amino acids and hyaluronic acid, eat protein in the form of bone broth for best results. Beef, poultry and fish bones are loaded with hyaluronic acid and amino acids ready to be released into a deliciously flavorful broth. Make hearty soups using bone-in pieces of protein to capture all the wholesome nutrition.

Soy-based protein sources are also chocked full of hyaluronic acid, along with phytoestrogens that can amplify production and slow the signs of aging.* Get 7 grams of protein per ½ cup of tofu or edamame pods.

Fast Protein Fix

We know that counting protein grams can be time-consuming and inconvenient for your busy schedule. So, why count when you can scoop?

We did the hard work for you by creating a superfood protein powder packed with collagen and 18 amino acids, plus hyaluronic acid and plant antioxidants… which most other protein powders are missing. 

Our bestselling collagen powder, Youthful Beauty Advanced helps rebuild and repair the integrity of your skin, muscles, bones and other connective tissue. Fill fine lines naturally and support elasticity from within. And support the foundation of a strong, active and ageless body.  

Youthful Beauty Advanced features our exclusive Peptide Fortified Collagen™ featuring grass-fed and fish-sourced collagen protein for the fortifying power of two high-quality sources. 

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it unlocks skin hydration and supports lubricated, supple joints. Plus, potent antioxidant activity from resveratrol and black currant extract helps fight the premature aging and breakdown of tissue.