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Which Supplements Can Help Me Enjoy a More Active Lifestyle?

Especially as spring and summer seasons are fast approaching, those with joint pain and less energy than they’d like to have may seek more information on the best supplements for joint health and athletic performance. There are quite a few natural supplements for increased arthritis health as well as increased energy that are available, so the question remains: based on the latest scientific research, which supplements are most effective in the quest for healthy joints and improved athletic performance?

What Are the Most Effective Supplements for Joint Health?

According to numerous and rigorous scientific studies, the following joint health supplements and vitamins are thought to have the most significant benefits for reducing pain and inflammation, while increasing mobility and overall athletic performance:

B-Complex Vitamins

Although B-complex vitamins don’t commonly have specific effects on joint pain, they are helpful as active life supplements since they may help increase energy levels and improve athletic performance. This is because B-complex vitamins are essential to the body’s process of turning food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which the body uses as its primary source of energy.

Liposomal Curcumin

Curcumin, typically derived from the widely used spice named turmeric, is known as one of the best supplements to relieve joint pain, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. However, many curcumin supplements often have poor bioavailability, so it needs to be more efficiently taken for maximum absorption. Liposomal curcumin typically avoids this pitfall by making the anti-inflammatory compound bioavailable, which makes it a much more effective supplement for joint health.


Collagen is another choice of the best supplements for joint health and is an important component of the structure of healthy, youthful-looking skin and is thought to be essential for joint health. As people age, they tend to have less collagen in their joints, which may contribute to worsening inflammation and joint pain. Although more research on oral collagen supplementation is needed to confirm its benefits for joint pain, it is a relatively low-risk addition to a supplement regimen. It is worth taking for anyone who finds that it improves their symptoms and increases their mobility.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

When researching supplements for support of arthritis and active lifestyles, an omega-3 fatty acid supplement may be one of the best choices, with proven benefits. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may help reduce inflammation throughout the body by partially inhibiting several key mechanisms of inflammation.


Glucosamine is typically found in cartilage and may be another essential compound for healthy joint function. Glucosamine supplements are considered to be one of the most effective supplements for joint pain since they may minimize symptoms of arthritis and may also help to slow knee joint degeneration in those suffering from osteoarthritis. Further studies are needed to better understand the benefits of glucosamine, but due to the fact that it is a natural component of cartilage, supplementing with glucosamine is often viewed as low risk.


Similarly to glucosamine, chondroitin is yet another substance found in cartilage. The two substances are believed to have similar mechanisms of effect and similar benefits for joints. For this reason, many joint pain supplements contain a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. Studies of chondroitin’s benefits for arthritis have shown mixed results, but the results suggest that the compound may be able to improve joint health and function.

Vitamin D

Since vitamin D is known to aid in calcium absorption and retention, vitamin D may be one of the optimal vitamins to take for strong bones. Joints may also benefit from vitamin D supplementation since current research suggests that vitamin D may help with the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis, but more studies are needed to confirm these benefits. In general, though, vitamin D is one of the most beneficial vitamins to take, especially for those who are deficient in vitamin D (which may cause numerous health issues).

Green-Lipped Mussel

Green-lipped mussel oil is a nutritional supplement derived from a New Zealand mussel species. Although scientists do not fully understand the mechanism underlying its health benefits, green-lipped mussel supplements have been shown to benefit osteoarthritis (but not rheumatoid arthritis) in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen. This may be because green-lipped mussels contain omega-3 fatty acids, demonstrating clear anti-inflammatory properties.

Calcium Fructoborate

Calcium fructoborate is a sugar borate in which a boron atom is attached to sugar molecules. A review of the existing research on the benefits of calcium fructoborate for joint health found that the compound is safe and effective in reducing joint pain and increasing mobility. 

Boswellia Serrata

Taking a boswellia serrata supplement may improve symptoms of osteoarthritis pain and inflammation, as boswellia serrata extract has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

Do Joint Supplements Work?

It takes much research, often over lengthy periods of time and with large groups of subjects, to convincingly demonstrate that a supplement has particular health benefits, whether for joint health or other health concerns. Supplements should not be the sole treatment for diagnosed medical conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis; instead, supplements should be used as an addition (supplementary) that may help to reduce the symptoms and underlying condition(s) – in the case of arthritis: we are typically referring to inflammation. 

The supplements that are listed above have varying degrees of scientific evidence suggesting that they may help reduce joint pain and inflammation. Since everyone’s body is different, everyone’s response to supplements is typically also slightly different. Until you begin taking a particular supplement or set of supplements, you may not know exactly how they will impact your joint pain and inflammation. It’s good to know that many of the most effective joint supplements are relatively low risk to use, even if they aren’t particularly effective for you.

The Best Supplement for Joint Health

For those in search of the highest-rated joint supplement on the market, look no further than Body Kitchen ProMobility. It contains several of the leading ingredients for joint health combined into one convenient supplement.

Body Kitchen ProMobility

Body Kitchen ProMobility is the premier joint supplement available today, containing a combination of natural ingredients that may reduce cartilage breakdown, activate tissue renewal, and minimize stiffness for greater comfort and the ability to lead a more active lifestyle. As well as additional ingredients, ProMobility includes:

  • New Zealand green-lipped mussels: Freeze-dried to lock in potency and maintain freshness; these bioactive marine proteins, minerals, and lipids may help fight inflammation in the joints.
  • FruiteX-B® calcium fructoborate: This mineral complex has been shown to improve joint comfort by an estimated 87 percent. It is both fast-acting and long-lasting in its improvements to flexibility.
  • AprésFlex® Boswellia serrata extract: This extract begins working to increase joint health and reduce pain in as little as five days and can provide effective joint relief even at relatively low doses.

Taking ProMobility may improve overall flexibility, everyday comfort, and range of motion by neutralizing the inflammatory enzymes that contribute to the deterioration of joints, cartilage, and connective tissue. Two capsules per day contain the optimal amounts of each ingredient for increased joint health, meaning that those who take it maximize the nutrient benefits to ensure that they start seeing improvements in their symptoms as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that before incorporating ProMobility, or any other supplement, into your routine, please speak with a physician to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your unique medical situation.