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Does Collagen Help with Weight Loss or Cause Weight Gain?

Many people today are including collagen peptide supplements as part of their health and fitness regimes. Collagen offers a range of benefits, including smoother skin, greater joint flexibility, and improved muscle health. Because of its associations with muscle development, some people mistakenly assume that collagen might hinder weight loss. After all, if athletes and body-builders take it to bulk up, wouldn’t collagen lead to weight gain? Does collagen make you gain weight?

The reverse seems to be true. While research into collagen for weight loss is still ongoing, there are many reasons to include collagen supplements as part of your weight control strategy. Here are just some of how collagen peptide supplements can help you with your weight loss journey.

Collagen could help you retain muscle mass.

When you lose weight, one consequence is often a loss of muscle mass. As the saying goes, “every time you diet, you lose muscle.” This is bad news for several reasons. Less muscle mass means that exercise will be more difficult, as you’ll become fatigued more rapidly. You may also find that it’s hard to keep the weight off once you lose it, as muscle tissue burns more calories than fat. By taking a collagen supplement while you lose weight, you could help preserve muscle mass. This can be a real bonus once you’ve moved from weight loss to maintaining your goal weight.

Collagen could help avoid hunger.

Collagen is more satiating than other forms of protein. This means that it helps you to feel full for longer. In one clinical trial, collagen powder was compared to soy, casein, and whey.  Of all the proteins, collagen was found to be the most filling. On average, it was found to be 40 percent more satiating than other forms of protein. Individuals given collagen consumed approximately 20 percent less food at their next meal than those who had taken another kind of protein. This means that they probably took in 20 percent fewer calories.

In a test involving obese subjects, collagen was also found to stimulate the release of hormones involved in satiation. Those who took a collagen supplement were thus less hungry than those who did not and experienced a greater degree of weight loss.

While suppressing your appetite is only one part of an overall weight control strategy, it’s certainly beneficial. Many weight loss programs can leave you feeling hungry at first. By taking collagen as part of a healthy diet and exercise program, you could help promote weight loss and future weight control.

Collagen could help improve the appearance of cellulite.

Everyone has cellulite, but it’s more visible in some people than others. While weight loss can help smooth cellulite’s appearance, your skin’s strength and elasticity are important too. By taking regular collagen supplements, you can strengthen your skin, improving its thickness and pliability.

Choosing collagen for weight loss

Does collagen help you lose weight? If you want to incorporate collagen into your weight loss program, it’s important to choose a quality product. Body Kitchen’s Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is a great collagen for weight loss. It’s easily absorbed and has more protein-peptides than many other leading brands on the market. Its neutral flavor makes it the ideal addition to your weight loss smoothies. Body Kitchen’s formulation is fortified with concentrated coconut MCTs, further reducing your appetite and promoting weight loss. It’s convenient, practical, and easy to use. As well as helping with your weight loss program, Body Kitchen’s collagen can also promote smoother skin, healthier hair, and nails, and enhance joint flexibility.