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Elastin is Skincare’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Elastin is stepping out of collagen’s shadow and into the spotlight as the high-priority protein skin craves.

True to its name, elastin is a highly elastic bundle of amino acids that allows organs and tissues found in skin and the lining of lungs, blood vessels, the bladder and uterus to stretch, expand and recoil without snapping. This protein contortionist is 1,000 times more flexible than collagen!

Elastin is the reason why the creases and folds that face-down sleeping leaves behind fade away. But others form gradually from within.

The visible drooping and sagging around eyes and jawline are signs that chronological aging is underway and elasticity is deteriorating. Coil-like elastin fibers have to fight extra hard against gravity to keep skin’s collagen-based support matrix in place.   

So, while collagen is the familiar golden child of skincare, elastin repair is absolutely essential for optimizing your skin’s youthful glow and appearance at any age.

And that’s why the most cutting-edge beauty and supplements brands like Body Kitchen are giving elastin its due as the most precious skin protein that skincare routines are missing.

Elastin is Scarce

Below skin’s protective surface layer lies its sturdy structural foundation, the extracellular matrix (ECM), comprised of tissue layers, pillars and crossbeams made of collagen, elastin and other proteins. Up to 90% of the ECM is made of collagen, whereas elastin comprises less than 10%.*

And the disparity between the sister proteins doesn’t end there. There’s another way biology interferes with elastin’s role in keeping skin looking plump and lifted.

A Lifetime of Elastin by Age 16

Incredibly, by end of puberty, the body produces just about all of the elastin fibers it needs to last a lifetime. How well their elasticity holds up is up to you.

Fibroblasts are skin cells that produce both collagen and elastin, but not evenly or continuously. Collagen synthesis is an ongoing process that peaks in your 20s before declining at a slow, gradual rate of about 1% until menopause, after which it sharply declines.

Already the underdog, elastin production declines at puberty, which is why repairing damaged elastin fibers and preventing rapid elasticity loss are the keys to protecting your skin’s beauty and bounce. This includes not skipping sunscreen, avoiding sun overexposure and consuming lots of collagen, elastin and antioxidants.   

If Elastin is So Important, Why is It So Hard to Find?

There’s a reason why we’re the #1 best-selling elastin supplement brand.

As you discovered, elastin is scarce in nature. Foods with the highest amount of both collagen and elastin are poultry and fish skin, but let’s be real – these are parts of the main dish that get composted or tossed to the dog!

This is also why elastin supplements are not as readily available as collagen, which is available from multiple animal sources. Extracting elastin and maintaining its biological potency is not easy. It’s extremely costly to apply advanced processing technologies to a natural raw material with limited sourcing.

But we think beautiful skin is worth itand that’s why we’re proud to be the most trusted elastin supplement brand!

Boost Elasticity with France’s Finest

For the highest quality and most absorbable elastin available, we went to the biggest sustainable fishing port in France where marine elastin is treated like gold. Here, advanced food technology is harnessed to isolate and extract marine elastin protein, then converted to pure, bioactive elastin peptides perfectly adapted to the composition of skin on our face and body.

This potent, one-of-a-kind elastin is called Prolastin® and it can renew and revitalize skin elasticity unlike any peptide ingredient before! Prolastin® has the power to:

  • Help restore skin elasticity and radiance
  • Repair and fortify elastin fibers
  • Support elastin synthesis

And you’ll find it in our skincare-from-within powerhouse, Collagen + Elastin.

Collagen + Elastin Boosts Elasticity, Firmness and Plumpness

Body Kitchen Collagen + Elastin is our most popular beauty peptide powder and is beloved by multi-generational women of all ages.

It matches skin’s 10:1 collagen-to-elastin ratio, delivering enhanced bioavailability that’s natural to your body. So it deeply fortifies the extracellular matrix at every level – firming up collagen’s crisscrossing structural pillars while promoting elastin fibers’ recoil and snap.

Formulated to replenish the 4 nutrients skin needs most, Collagen + Elastin is a nutritional skincare dream:

  • Reduces wrinkle volume by 32% with clinically studied, patented collagen*
  • Boosts elasticity and suppleness with Prolastin® elastin*
  • Fights photoaging and collagen and elastin breakdown with vitamin C*
  • Hydrates and plumps with hyaluronic acid for smooth, fresh-looking skin

A Delicious Recipe for Boosted, Beautiful Skin

You’ll love this formula’s fine, easy-to-dissolve peptide powder. Scoop and mix daily into a smoothie, fruit and yogurt bowl, oatmeal or any beverage… like this Boosted Lavender Matcha Latte recipe created just for Body Kitchen!

Now that you know about this skincare secret, any age is the right age to add its elasticity and firming benefits to your daily beauty routine!