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What Are the Benefits of Collagen Supplements?

Collagen supplements have a range of exciting benefits, from smoother skin to stronger muscles and more flexible joints. Adding collagen to your supplement regimen may also help to support hair and nail growth. It’s no wonder that collagen is such a popular supplement when it comes to any aspect of beauty.

Why take Collagen?

As we age, the amount of collagen we produce diminishes. After the age of 25, research shows that we produce about 1 percent less collagen every year. In women who have passed menopause, the decline is even more dramatic. That’s why the use of collagen in a supplemental form can help replace the missing collagen, it can give the body the building blocks it needs to make new collagen and thus slow the decline. In some cases, taking collagen has been shown to reverse some issues caused by the decrease in collagen production.

Collagen Benefits for Skin

Collagen benefits for your skin include greater elasticity and plumpness. Studies have shown that taking regular collagen supplements can produce a measurable decrease in wrinkle depth. The skin can appear smoother, more supple, and fresher.

Collagen is also theorized to help with broken veins and redness. Because the capillaries are partly made from collagen, it is reasonable to assume that taking collagen will support healthy capillaries. This would reduce facial redness and help to reduce the appearance of thread veins on the face and body. Additional collagen is also taken to help promote wound healing.

A great collagen option to help support all aspects of skin is Original Body Boost. This unflavored and refined formula can also be utilized as part of your favorite recipes.

Collagen Benefits for Hair

Your hair is a living organ and an aspect of beauty, but it requires proper nutrition to stay thick, luminous, and healthy. Some people use collagen supplements to support hair growth. Collagen may work by enhancing the hair follicles’ health and vitality, making them better able to produce a thick, strong strand of hair. Some users report improved hair at the roots within two weeks of beginning supplementation.

Collagen Benefits for Nails

Like your hair, your nails reflect the level of nutrition you’re receiving. Without sufficient protein, including collagen, the nail bed can’t function correctly. Many people use collagen supplements to ensure strong, smooth nails that grow rapidly and don’t break.

Collagen Benefits for Muscles

When you exercise your muscles, you tear many tiny fibers that’s why you experience the feeling of soreness the next day. These are then rebuilt by your body so that they’ll be stronger. This is why your muscles get stronger and more visible when you work out. Collagen is an essential part of this process. Many athletes and body-builders take collagen supplements to help repair and rebuild their muscles. After all collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and muscles eat from proteins.

Body Kitchen’s Youthful Beauty Powder is an excellent option for developing stronger and leaner looking muscles. It provides a high-quality collagen dose plus Resveratrol which helps fight oxidative stress due to physical exertion.

Collagen Benefits for Joints

Athletes and senior citizens alike use collagen supplements to promote joint health. Collagen benefits for joints include greater flexibility, increased range of motion, and reduced joint pain. Studies have shown a marked reduction in joint pain through the use of dietary collagen. In this case, collagen acts as the protein that supports cartilage development.

Collagen Peptides Benefits

When choosing a collagen supplement, it’s good to select collagen peptides as they’re easier to absorb. Your body has less work to do in breaking them down and building up new collagen more rapidly. Body Kitchen has designed the perfect collagen that uses advanced Di-Peptides. This technology has been clinically shown to be 30X more efficient than conventional collagen.